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8 things you must do before becoming 30

You are young, free and in charge of your own future. The world is not perfect at its current state but you are full of hopes. Perhaps, you have just started your 20s – parties, chill, occasional studying, you know, the usual stuff. Maybe you have planned and sorted out your entire future, the job you’d like to have, the location you’d like to spend your whole life at, everything, to the tiniest detail. Or, maybe, you are lost. Well, not as dramatic as it might sound, you just feel that major confusion about yourself and your purpose on this planet – what you want to give to the people and to yourself. This is quite normal and extremely common. The human brain is neither a computer, nor a fortuneteller and one can never know what stands ahead.

Money? Career? Big family, no family, much traveling or no traveling at all, city life or peaceful days at the countryside… You never know what life would bring. However, it is important to have some basic goals, especially career wise. Even if you have no idea about what you’d like to do with yourself, there must be a push to always hold you above the water. After all, a great career gives much more than just money – success, fulfillment and appreciation are things, that no one can buy, but vigorous work and dedication. So, what shall you strive to achieve until you become 30?

1. Take care of your mental health and become in peace with your inner self

Might come as a surprise to some, but a stable mentality is the pillar of success in every field of your life – work, relationships, family and much more. So, finding the way towards yourself and your inner peace is a core goal. No one can function optimally if stressed, depressed, anxious, and, in general, miserable on the inside. It is not healthy for you and for everyone around you. Pushing yourself forward while battling with an inner agenda will just crush and devastate you more. That is why you have to find a way to communicate with your inner self through meditation, self-care or maybe with the help of a psychologist. There is no shame in this and you will definitely thank yourself in some years. Remember, suppressing issues, doubts and trauma will only cause more pain after a while. Be kind to yourself and take time to heal and grow, in order to become the best version of yourself.

2. Complete your education

We are in Corvinus to prosper. To grow, to learn, to find our future mission in life, to meet potential working partners and best friends. You have started your higher education and it is for the best to complete it successfully. Don’t wait, grab the moment and soak in all the knowledge possible, like a sponge. The best time to learn is now, while you’re young and your brain is fresh. After some time, picking up a new language would be twice as hard and your memory will just keep stagnating. Don’t procrastinate and get that diploma.

3. Travel – but not only for fun

Have you heard of Erasmus + or Campus Mundi? Have you thought of an internship abroad? Traveling as much as possible is what every young person must do, as it opens your mind to the wonders of this world and teaches you essential skills, not to mention the great views you could observe or the amazing parties you’d probably attend. However, traveling is not only about fun. Being abroad can mean that you can gain key knowledge from a foreign university or gather working experience at a company in a foreign country. Do you know how great that sounds in a CV? Well, it’s definitely a huge plus when applying.

4. Try different positions in your working field and gather experience

So you’re studying Communication and Media but that’s a bit too broad? You surely have some idea what field is the most suitable for you but trying different things never hurts. Experiencing various sides of your chosen field gives a good insight on what you actually might enjoy and broadens your overall knowledge. Don’t be afraid to experiment and give it a go – even if you’re offered a job which sounds slightly off the point you’ll surely manage it well… or find out that it is definitely not your cup of tea.

5. Try working abroad in a multicultural company for at least half a year

Valuable experience, expanding your language skills, understanding cultural differences from a working perspective, managing your life at a new place – there are too many benefits that will make you fall in love with the idea. Moreover, that’s a great opportunity if you’d like to move abroad permanently. Even if the job is not in your “goal” country, you should still give it a go, after all, this experience might be exactly what you need to move forward.

6. Expand your network

“Your network is your net worth” is quite of a quote by Tim Sanders. Actually, it is true. Knowing the right people can get you to the right places. If you do your job well and your network knows it, they would surely recommend you whenever you need that. Networking is an essential part of your life in those key years of your youth when leaving the right impression can mean everything. Don’t miss out on connecting with people.

7. Expand your knowledge – conferences, exhibitions, courses and more

There are thousands of ways to become more qualified for almost any job on this planet and it always involves further education like extra courses, private lessons, talks, conferences, exhibitions etc. You can benefit a lot by attending such events – from valuable connections to job offers, you never know how life could spin you. Be active, involved and think forward. Knowledge (and experience) is power.

8. Savings are important

Money… Such an interesting thing, such an artificial concept, created by us, humans. Sadly, money is a sort of freedom – to travel, to live in good conditions, to give everything you’d like to give to your family one day. That is why savings are something quite important, as they could save the day whenever you need extra resources. Maybe to start your own business? Or, perhaps, to continue your education? No matter the reason, savings are essential, so start thinking about saving up money slowly but steadily once you have a stable job.

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