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A new student office is being built!

Entering the building of Fővámpalota (Chief Customs Palace), you have probably already noticed that there is a lot of hustle and bustle on the first floor. For those who are curious, we can now tell that a new student office is being built under the Corvinus Renewal Program, as a completely unique feature among Hungarian universities. The new office will provide you complex student services in an impressive open space.

Modern environment, complex services

Instead of the traditional study offices previously known at Hungarian universities, in the new student office we will create a space offering complex services and more functions, where you can experience the fast, efficient and student-centered administration for Corvinus students. One of the biggest benefits of the new operation is that the issue of longer opening hours indicated by many will also be resolved, given that our colleagues will be available every day of the week.

“Zsibongó” (gathering hall) in a new role

We will welcome our Hungarian students in the area formerly known as “zsibongó” (1st floor, east side), where they can arrange their tasks related to their studies at administration desks.

This modern and multifunctional environment will be similar to the internationally known, "co-working" offices, where after work (in our case, administration) it is worth staying there, taking a seat at tables, on sofas, armchairs. These comfortable seats not only make working together and spending time but also waiting more comfortable.

In addition to the desks located in the open space, there will also be a separated part of the room for more personal matters that require more discretion.

The student office will have a digital display system, so visitors will also have access to the latest information during their stay.

On top of its functionality and the preservation of glamorous monument value, the office also serves aesthetics; not only it has modern and interior design solutions, furniture and other equipment, but it also hides green wall surfaces.

Special attention to international students

In addition to the reconstruction of the gathering hall, an international office will open where our international students can use the services in English; in the same system as the Hungarian office, with the services and functions provided there as well. There will also be also a multi-person meeting room at the spot.

Based on the above, a truly unique modern facility masterfully inserted into a glamorous monumental building will await the citizens of Corvinus.

We will come back with more details soon and provide accurate information on the range of administrative options. And you will find that work is going on all the time and we ask for your patience for any inconvenience. The creation of the new student office is part of the Corvinus Renewal Program, and with its opening we are reaching a truly significant milestone in the field of student services.

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