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Budapest Student Broadcast: a platform where BCE alumni share their experiences after graduation

Author: Ali Farsangi, Communication and Media Science BA

Budapest Student Broadcast (BSB) is a project to create a powerful platform where BCE alumni can share their experiences and give advice to both Hungarian and international students. We aim to create a network where students can connect with BCE alumni, in order to help them to have a brighter future.

On BSB, we want to provide Corvinus students with insights, perspectives, some pieces of advice related to their studies, student life in general, planning their career, and several other topics that could be interesting for somebody who is currently a student. To accomplish this, we will be interviewing several alumni of Corvinus University as well as other personalities who could guide students and share their valuable pieces of experience with our audience.

Our team is consisted of six third year students of Communication and Media Science at Corvinus University; from left to right: Berta Regő Farkas (Hungary), Dheemanth Orekondy (India), Hujber Pál (Hungary), Ali Farsangi (Iran), Yuan Yang (China), Yuxin /Tracy/ Feng (China). Being students ourselves, we are also very excited to listen to what our guests have to say as that would help us in improving own lives and careers.

We have released two podcasts so far. On the first episode of BSB, we talked to our guest Professor Márton Rétvári, an alumni of Corvinus University of Budapest and currently a lecturer at the university. We discuss how to improve public speaking and presentation skills, time management, the corona virus, the changing work environment and several other topics.

On the second episode, we talked to our guest Mr. David Morris who is an international consultant holding a number of senior advisory roles, an Australian diplomat with a vast experience in international relations and who is currently pursuing his PhD research in Budapest at Corvinus University. We discuss the changing international political and business climate, developing leadership qualities, being flexible in your approach towards your career, impact of the corona virus, and several other topics.

We are going to release more podcasts in the upcoming weeks, so please follow us on Facebook where we will update you on the upcoming episodes!

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