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Coffee, lunch or study date? These are the must-check cafeterias around Corvinus!

By Liuba Țobenco, Communication and Media Science BA

Are you attending your online lectures at the university building? Perhaps, you feel extremely bored, or you just wonder what to do in the gaps. There are tons of things you can accomplish in a 20-minute lunch break: finish your paper, read a chapter of your book, watch an episode of “Friends”, or even take a quick nap. However, managing to enjoy a good coffee never seems to be on the list. Not only that the coffee from the vending machines is not exactly good, but also snacking with sugar and toping it up with a coffee from a plastic cup is not really a solution for a meal.

What if we told you that you could spend the same amount of time (and, in most of the cases, money) by eating a good meal and enjoying an excellent drink? To prove that you can, we have prepared a list of cafes situated (literally) just around the corner of the university that will satisfy your gourmet tastes and also manage to keep you on time for the next lecture.

And even if you do not attend lectures at the university building, you can still shake things up a little bit by changing the atmosphere - from being constantly at home to watching lectures in a nice, cozy cafeteria with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, do not forget to always bring a mask with yourself, as well as a hand sanitizer. Safety first!

Because we do not want to persuade you into choosing one café over another, the list below is arranged by distance rather than by our preference. Without further ado, let us present the must-check cafeterias for your lunch break!

1. Café Frei

Taken from All rights reserved to Café Frei.
Taken from All rights reserved to Café Frei.

The first to enter the list is Café Frei, situated in about a 5 minute walk from the main building. The café opened not so long ago but has already gained its popularity for the huge range of coffees and teas it offers. Besides, you can also taste some amazing sweets and sandwiches there, enjoying the exotic décor, or take them to go. Whichever you choose, they will be glad to help you every workday from 7:30am to 7pm and every Saturday from 9am to 5pm on Mátyás u. 1-3. Make sure you check their wonderful menu on Instagram as well.

2. Tamp&Pull Espresso Bar

Only 5 minutes away from the main building you can find a lovely small cafeteria with a huge range of coffees to offer. Besides beverages, you can enjoy a sandwich, a chocolate or cinnamon roll, waffles, croissants, wraps, cakes and many more lunch options. You can find them on Czuczor u. 3, open form 7am to 7pm on workdays and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday. To stay updated, make sure you follow them on Instagram.

Taken from All rights reserved to Tamp&Pull Espresso Bar.

3. Butter Brothers

Taken from All rights reserved to Butter Brothers.

Situated in around a 6 minute walk from the main building of the university, Butter Brothers is well known not only for its delicious coffee and breathtaking hot chocolate, but also for a big variety of baked goods. Even though the most famous of them all are their chocolate rolls, they also make croissants, fruit cakes, brownies, sandwiches and even baguettes. You can find them on Lónyay u. 22 every Monday to Friday from 7am to 7 pm and every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. To keep up with the new goods, take a look at their Instagram.

4. Púder Bárszínház

If you take the same 6 minute walk but in an another direction, you could enjoy your lunch at Púder Bárszínház. They offer a quite large range of coffee, including some specials, and also a lot of interesting meal choices such as burgers and fries, pasta with salmon, meat plateaus, desserts and a lot more. Not only they have a generous menu, but also the interior of the place resembles a very colorful gallery with a lovely street view. You can visit the café from Monday to Thursday between 12pm and 1am, Friday and Saturday until 2am and Sunday until 12am on Ráday u. 8 and find out more about them from their Instagram page.

Taken from All rights reserved to Púder Bárszínház.

5. EscoBar&Café

Taken from All rights reserved to EscoBar&Café.

Last but definitely not least comes EscoBar&Café. In a 6 minute walk as well, the place can not only please you with a good cup of your favorite coffee, but also give you the amazing view of Danube. While enjoying the weather, you can choose from a variety of meals such as fries, burgers, pasta, salads, fish or meat courses and wonderful desserts. All of the above is available from Sunday to Wednesday between 12 and 9pm and from Thursday to Saturday until 11pm on Fővám tér 11-12.

No matter what café you choose to have your lunch at, we wish you Bon Appétit!

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