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Day Trips from Budapest: Exploring Hungary's Countryside

Being an international student in Budapest, you are fascinated by the beauty of the capital. But have you ever thought about going further? Hungarian countryside on a day trip from Budapest unveils a whole new side of the culture and country in general. We have gathered 4 must-visit places that will make you fall in love with small Hungarian towns and villages. Don’t just sit this summer away – travel around!

1. Eger

Located about two hours northeast of Budapest, Eger is a historical gem for those interested in medieval architecture and wineries. Make sure to visit the Eger Castle during your trip, it offers beautiful panoramic views of the town. Eger Castle Museum is also worthy of a look. Some of the other attractions are the grand Basilica and Minaret. Eger is also known for a variety of restaurants with delicious Hungarian cuisine. You can reach Eger by train.

2. Szentendre

Szentendre is a riverside town that is known for its artistic vibe. It is just a short 30 minutes HEV ride from Budapest. The town's colorful baroque buildings, cobblestone streets, and art galleries make it a haven for artists. Szentendre is also known for its open-air ethnographic museum, Skanzen. It will introduce you to the traditional Hungarian village life. Szentendre is a perfect place for a one-day getaway with friends or on your own.

3. Visegrád

For history enthusiasts, a trip to Visegrád is a must. Located approximately 50 kilometers north of Budapest, this small town shows Hungary's medieval past. The must-visit of your trip is the Visegrád Citadel. From there you can see the whole town, and the views are incredible! Also, Visegrád Hills are a perfect place for hiking, so, if you are into it, make sure to check it out. Train is the best way to commute to Visegrád.

4. Lake Balaton

Known as the "Hungarian Sea," Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and a popular summer destination. It is located approximately 120 kilometers southwest of Budapest. For a one-day trip, lakeside towns like Balatonfüred and Siófok are a perfect choice. Train ride to Balaton in summer may not be the best experience ever due to the popularity of the place, but the beautiful views are still worth it!

Hungarian countryside is definitely a must-see, and these 4 places are only the beginning of the list. Grab you friends and start creating memories outside of Budapest as well – there is so much to see!

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