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How to stay positive after graduation?

Graduation – a big moment in everyone’s life, the so-desired diploma is finally in your hands, the hard work throughout the years pays off and you are finally ready for the labor market. You can’t wait to build your career, have your first serious, well-paying job and become a professional, maybe even having your own business one day. But there it comes, the world is suffering as a pandemic brings mass economic crisis and many lose their jobs.

Not as fancy as you’ve imagined it, you now must graduate online, or perhaps, not with the deserved ceremony in front of a huge applauding crowd and your family sobbing in the background. If you feel a bit confused, disappointed or sad, we understand you. You’ve been waiting for this moment 3 or 4 years and things just didn’t go as planned. Entering the labor market in its current state is truly a challenge. So how can you even stay positive through this whole mess? What can you do with all this free time on your hands?

Try experiencing this summer like no summer before

Unfortunately, due to major lockdowns and cancelled flights, you cannot really “travel the world” in your very last free post-university summer. However, your home country (or Hungary, if you are still here) might offer a big variety of entertainment, cultural events, historical sites and other great activities & places. Don’t be tempted by the couch, the freedom, the time on your hands and… Netflix. Avoid becoming a prisoner of your home, try going out if restrictions aren’t harsh and it is safe enough to do so. After all, no one can give you back this summer, so try making the most out of it, even during a pandemic. There are so many things to enjoy in life which don’t require too much – spend time in the nature, try getting closer with your family after studying abroad for so long, meet old friends (while implementing all the safety measures!) and enjoy the hobbies you forgot about while you were busy writing that genius thesis.

Let your mind accept the current situation but do not be devastated by the facts

The labor market is in a pretty bad condition worldwide; we all know that. The pandemic hasn’t slowed down, people are suffering and freedom is limited for the sake of everyone’s health. We must protect each other at all costs as nothing is more important than one’s well-being. The situation is, quite honestly, pretty messed up. No one imagined graduating in such a turbulent moment a year ago. But, as time passes by and we have grown up we know that every challenge makes us stronger and better and nothing is eternal – so this all will end at some point, maybe even quite soon. Devastation won’t give you anything but negativity and anxiety. And as the world is overly saturated with negative energy, do we really need to be angry and depressed about something that barely anyone can improve or change? The world is already getting back on its feet and you will be standing with it as soon as possible. Everything will be alright, just have the patience.

Polish your professional persona in front of potential employers

Make that CV shine! What better to do than actually creating a great base for yourself by being attractive to employers? Get that LinkedIn finally filled with all the necessary information and details, make your CV visible in recruitment websites and start promoting your personal brand. Think about what you’re good at, picture the best company that would fit you, your dream workplace, the people you’d like to work with, the mentors you’d like to follow – think about what you’d like to give to the world. Get inspired about the future, be positive and never lose hope.

Maybe go for another ride?

So you’ve just finished your bachelor’s degree and you are not entirely sure if a master degree is a good idea? Let us tell you, it is! Not only you’ll become more qualified and knowledgeable, but it will boost your future prospects! Corvinus has some great master programs, which might pave your way towards success. If you are afraid that you might not get a job in the next few months but you don’t want to lose your precious time, studying is always an option. Hungary and other Central European and Western countries are opened for fresh, ambitious people. Becoming better is always a priority, even in a pandemic. Moreover, you will meet tons of new people and collect many new experiences, create networks and develop connections.

Your next job could be a conversation away

You know what could boost your mood in an instant? Getting a job, you have fallen in love with. Apply! Apply for that company you admire, send motivation letters to mentors, send your CV around and go for it. Even if you must be home office, you are still collecting valuable experience. The job will bring finances, connections, knowledge and a better understanding of what you want. Don’t hesitate after you take your deserved rest, don’t be lazy, just grab the first attractive opportunity and make the most out of it. Knowing that you are productive brings such a huge fulfillment and positivity!

Stay active, never lose hope and prepare for the future!

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  - Emily Brontë


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