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How to study efficiently | quarantine edition

With the recent happenings, motivation in everyone is steadily declining. Sitting at home all day can be pretty demotivating – the willpower to do something just evaporates from time to time. However, that does not mean that we do not have to get our tasks done in time. Moreover, doing home assignments is essential now when this is some professors’ only way of evaluation. And let’s be honest – do you really have a lot to do today or are you just not feeling it? This will be a bad period for you only if you are inactive – in your studies, in your work, even in taking care of yourself and your personal needs. Make the most of the extra time in your hands and be a top-notch student!

Know your tasks

Being aware of how much you have to do throughout the day is essential in order to set realistic goals. If you believe that all homework can be done in a day, congratulations for your optimism in those tough times – but better be safe than sorry – so start those home assignments now. Make a list and prioritize according to due dates and length, create a task sheet and get to work! It feels way better to use your leisure time without having an overdue homework on the back of your mind.

Find your spot

Studying in your bed is a no-no! A table, a desk – find a good, quiet spot and create your space. Having your notes and other useful things around is quite important. Make yourself a coffee or a tea beforehand, try feeling the productivity vibe, perhaps even listen to music if that’s working for you. Make sure that what you would probably need is around you and inform your family/roommates that you do not want to be bothered for the next X hours.


It’s time to dedicate your whole attention to that one single task. No distractions, no “I will just check my messages for 3 minutes”, we all know that this 3 will have a 0 attached to its back. The longer you concentrate and dedicate your time to one single thing, the easier it is to remain focused.

Take rests, without overdoing it

Once in a while your brain and eyes have to rest. Whenever you feel the urge to rest, take a break. Ten minutes for a snack won’t hurt, maybe you can open a window, get some fresh air, move your legs and arms if you feel stiff.

You can always ask for help

Wondering about the answer of that one task that seems impossible to be completed? You can always call a friend and ask for help if you genuinely struggle. We are all in this together, don’t be shy and get some support.

After you’re done, it would feel so much better to do all the things you wanted to do beforehand – reading, watching series, browsing social media. It is like a reward, isn’t it?

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  - Emily Brontë


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