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Information about semester start for international students

In keeping with the information announced at the extraordinary governmental info session held on August 28, 2020, Hungary will be introducing international travel restrictions to take effect starting September 1, 2020.

Based on the information currently available to us, as of September 1, 2020, international students will be able to enter Hungary only if they immediately go to their previously arranged accommodation address and stay in quarantine for the mandatory 2-week period.

Students will have to enter on the certificate provided by Corvinus the address where they will be spending the 2-week quarantine. (As already indicated, the university dormitories will not be able to host any non-Hungarian students.) The certificate will be sent out to all international students who have requested it and have provided the information required (a notice was sent about this earlier this week).

The mandatory quarantine period will be waived only after 2 negative PCR tests (which must be arranged in Hungary). During the quarantine period, the student cannot leave his/her designated accommodation and, of course, cannot enter any of the Corvinus university grounds (including the Budapest Campus buildings and all the buildings of the university’s other sites). At the same time, students will be able to follow - in an online, distance learning format throughout the whole semester – all the lectures and seminars of the courses offered in the frame of the English degree programs, as well as, courses offered to incoming international exchange students.

In keeping with the information given on the certificate, Corvinus students will be able to arrange to take the PCR test at the Semmelweis University. Instructions on how the PCR test can be arranged will provided later.

We shall, of course, continue to keep you up-to-date with any new developments, however, as the situation is changing constantly, we kindly request that you regularly check the university website, our social media sites

(,, as well as, the official government sites:,, (The latest statement of our government can be read here:

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