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Learning Hungarian During Summer

As an international student in Budapest, you have to learn some of the Hungarian language to integrate more into the culture and build a deeper connection with the community around you. During school year you can do that at Hungarian classes provided by Corvinus University (read more here), but what about summertime? If you are spending summer in Hungary, follow these tips to keep up your knowledge in Hungarian – don’t let everything you have studied in class go to waste!

1. Language Courses

Of course, there are plenty of language courses and entire schools in Budapest. They typically cover essential grammar, vocabulary, conversation practice, and cultural insights.What is good about enrolling to a language course is the structure of the learning process. Qualified teachers will make sure you are going in the right pace and taking one lesson at a time. Also, you can choose between individual sessions and group lessons – whatever is more comfortable for you.

2. Language Clubs

Clubs are typically designed for people that already have some conversational knowledge of the language. So, if you can express your thoughts in Hungarian in simple, beginner-like sentences, joining a club may be a great idea for you. They are a bit different from language courses – speaking clubs focus on conversational skills and their improvement. Language clubs sessions are also a bit more entertaining than just lessons, as you get to know your fellow students more by listening to their ideas and thoughts on a certain topic.

3. Online Learning Platforms

In 2023, everything is about online learning, and languages are not an exception. Online learning platforms offer interactive lessons, vocabulary exercises, and audio materials to help you learn at your own pace. Some popular platforms for learning Hungarian include Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise. With their help you can practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills from the comfort of your own home. This way you can study anywhere and anytime and modify your studying schedule whenever needed.

Also, Duolingo streaks are a pretty cool confidence boost 😊

4. Language Immersion

Language immersion is crucial if you want to start really speaking. While in Hungary, make an effort to engage with locals and practice speaking Hungarian whenever possible. Attend cultural events, visit local markets, and participate in social activities where you can interact with native speakers. The more you immerse yourself in the language and culture, the faster you'll progress in your language learning journey. Try talking in Hungarian while having a beer with your Hungarian friends – what can be easier?

Trust us, being an international student in Hungary and not having a clue about the language is not a good idea. At least knowing the basics will allow you to discover so much more of the Hungarian life and meet so many cool people that will be happy to accompany you on the learning journey. And summer is the perfect chance to devote your time to Hungarian, and create great memories while doing it!

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