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Making The Most Out of Your Time at Corvinus University of Budapest

University years are one of the most significant periods of anybody’s life – you are young, full of energy and motivation to achieve things and make dreams come true. The university you study at and people that surround you are the very foundation of the experience you get during this time. Corvinus University of Budapest is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to spend your youth at. Studying here in one thing, though. Making the most out of your experience is another.

We are here to help you achieve the latter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Moving abroad and starting a new life is a big challenge. Not everything will go smoothly, and that is perfectly fine. Ups and downs are what life is made of. Things may get especially difficult at the beginning of your journey, when everything is uncertain, but, trust us, there is nothing you can’t go through. Don’t be scared of making a mistake and learning a life lesson out of it – those are the lessons you will remember your whole life.

Say “YES” to opportunities

During your university years, all the doors are open. Quite literally. Sometimes you may even get overwhelmed how quickly things come into your life, and it is your responsibility to take them on. Or let them go. Most of the time, it is your decision to make. At Corvinus, opportunities are limitless, and not only when it comes to studies and academia. Here you meet people that can become your work partners, and together you can achieve incredible things! The main thing is to say „yes”, when the opportunity presents itself. You will not regret it!

Don’t Wait Around

You are in full control of your university experience. Don’t wait for somebody to come and build up your social life or encourage you to go out of your comfort zone. Do it yourself! Join clubs and organization (we have plenty of them at Corvinus), apply for a semester abroad or other international opportunities that our University has to offer. The thing is – don’t wait around for something good to happen that will transform your experience as an international student, be the good and build a life that you want to live through for yourself.

Balance Studying and Partying

Yeah, we know. We can never do that ourselves. But, hey, it never hurts to try! A healthy balance between having fun and preparing for, let’s say, midterms is a must if you want to have a great university experience and make the most out of it. Limit yourself in both – don’t over-study and don’t over-party. This is, probably, one of the most important skills we have to master while being young and reckless. So, let’s learn as we go.

Last But Not Least, Don’t Miss Out On The Culture

Moving to Hungary, you will be immersed into a whole new culture. A lot of foreign students often don’t really pay attention to it, they create their own groups and move through their university years like that, never getting to know the country they spend their youth in. Don’t make this mistake and grasp as much of Hungarian culture as you can during your time here. Not only it will make you feel more “at home” here, but it will also help you to know more people and truly integrate yourself into this new life you will be building.

Everyone has unique university experience. We do hope that you will enjoy your time at Corvinus University of Budapest or are enjoying it already as an active student. Be sure to get the best out of your years here, while you are as young and free as you will ever be!

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