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Networking: create long-lasting connections at university

Every person you have ever known, every new friend, every successful lecturer you’ve met so far - all those people are doors. Doors to a better job, a recommendation, a higher position. Networking is an important part of your life, especially in the beginning of your career path as people in your current circles might affect your upcoming professional growth. All these friendships and connections might get you to the dream job one day, you just haven’t realized it yet. The idea of networking is to form relationships with those who'll help get you to where you want to go. That is why we would like to give you several short tips on how to improve your networking skills.

Don’t be shy, befriend people who seem like-minded

Of course, we must have friends in university for the sake of our own sanity and entertainment. After all, Corvinus parties are always better when you have your mates around. However, friendships aren’t just a nice soft cloud of fun, mixed with understanding, appreciation and inside jokes. The people you hold closest to yourself often end up to be the main contributors to your still-shaping personality. That is why it is best to surround yourself with the smartest, most ambitious students from your major. Being close to individuals who are always striving to succeed will make you more ambitious. But that is not the only plus of this whole situation – these people might turn out to be future CEOs, successful businessmen, etc. you never know!

Bring up career as a topic in conversations

Discussing important plans about the future is key. If your group of friends always gets bored by the mentioning of the word “career” or they never discuss their goals, we are sorry to break it to you, but you should change things up a bit. You don’t have to talk about professional, serious topics 24/7, it is enough if you mention it once in a while, if you share ideas and even insecurities regarding your plans. After all, seeing things from another perspective might make the picture way clearer. Sometimes you’re one step away from your goal. Imagine if, for example, you tell one of your friends that you’ve been looking for a person who works in the company X and it turns out that this exact one friend knows THE person. Pretty awesome.

Maintenance is key

Once you create a bond with a person who inspires you or seems like a great individual to hang out with, never miss on connecting with them. Express your will to be good friends with them, try talking with them as much as possible and let them know that you appreciate their views and opinions.

Connect with lecturers

Professors and lecturers can be great mentors. Moreover, they are always ready to recommend a student who they perceive as capable, smart and ambitious. Applying to another university in the future can be a bummer if you lack recommendations.

Another thing to consider: not only can your professors offer valuable industry insight and advice; they've also taught some bright students in the past — what are they up to now?

So... Who’s in your network?

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