Professors at Corvinus received the Károly Polányi award

The Hungarian Sociological Society is a scientific and professional organization that seeks to bring together all worldviews and professional trends, schools and groups of Hungarian sociology, regardless of political or party affiliation. It intends to provide a free forum for discussing the fundamental questions of Hungarian social development, the results of sociological research, the internal problems of science and the relationship between science and society.

The Hungarian Sociological Society founded its award named after Károly Polányi in 1998 to recognize the best book and publication on Sociology. The Polányi award is presented every year at the MSZT General Assembly. The jury, whose members are appointed by the Board, selects from books and publications published the previous year.

In 2020, The Hungarian Sociological Society chose the joint study titled “The situation of women in the Hungarian scientific life” written by Beáta Nagy, Professor at the Corvinus Institute of Communication and Sociology and Judit Lanner, senior researcher at T-Tudok as The Best Hungarian Article.

In the category of Best Sociological Book, the winner of the Polanyi Award was the “Rent-Seekers, Profits, Wages and Inequality, The Top 20%” co-authored by Péter Mihályi, Professor at the Institute of Economics and our alumnus, Iván Szelényi.

Congratulations to our award winners!


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