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Public Policy and Management MSc at Corvinus: Artur Safin's experience with PUMA!

Today, the Corvinus International Blog would like to introduce you to one of our outstanding students, Artur Safin, and his experiences with us. Artur is an ambitious 2nd year MSc student of Public Policy and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest, who will give you more insight as to how it is to study PUMA at Corvinus!

What is the Public Policy and Management programme for us?

For us, the Public Policy and Management programme (PUMA) is much more than just an educational program at the most prestigious university in Hungary.

Why? Here is the answer.

Applying here with the thought of obtaining a high-quality education in the field of Public Policy and Economic Disciplines, consequently, we have gained much more than just a new knowledge. The most important and invaluable wealth for us was those numerous friends, whom we met during our studies. The Administration of Corvinus University of Budapest, in close cooperation with the Public Policy and Management staff, have done a tremendous job to create an environment in which representatives of all cultures, mindsets, languages, beliefs and opinions could carry out educational activities as comfortably as possible and enjoy the joy of constant contact. Here we have a unique opportunity to learn not only thanks to the advice of qualified teachers, but also by exchanging experience in solving various problems that do not have a geographical dimension.

In addition, the regular holding of various entertainment events that consolidate our team helps everyone stay in touch and emphasizes that the university is not only a discipline, but also bright smiles and warm meetings. Even in spite of the current international situation, the program management is committed to organizing online meetings and consultations on issues of interest to our students. Adaptation to the wishes of students, openness to initiatives, attention to different backgrounds and mutual respect are the pillars on which successful training in the Public Policy and Management programme rests.

What awaits me on this programme? What courses are we going to study? Can I pull off my academic timetable? Am I making the right choice?

These and other questions are of concern to every student who experiences uncertainty in front of the unknown. After all, students in the Public Policy and Management programme came to it from a wide variety of backgrounds: from sociology and international relations, to banking and marketing. Therefore, Corvinus University of Budapest was given an extremely important task - to form a schedule that will help everyone, without exception, quickly get involved in the educational process and acquire new, relevant knowledge. And they succeeded.

Taking into account the accumulated experience, the University administration has prepared an exhaustive list of courses in which students from various fields during the first semester will quickly study introductory disciplines created in an extremely accessible and visual form in order to move on to more complex problems. The Department’s attention to the background of all students, coupled with a soft grading system, is the key to the success of Public Policy and Management. As a recent law student, I made the decision two years ago to enter a programme full of economic theory and rigorous thinking. These sciences were previously completely incomprehensible to me and it seemed that it was impossible to understand them. But at the end of the first semester, it became clear that not only is nothing impossible in this, but economic thinking can become your best assistant in any field of activity.

Thanks to Public Policy and Management, I began to think wider, more objectively, deeper, look at things from a different angle than before. You should not be afraid of a lack of knowledge, because everything has been done here in order to competently replenish it.


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