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Ready, Steady, Go: Tips For Going Back to University

So, this is really happening: school starts again in less than a month. While it can be really challenging to go back to endless assignments, 8 am classes, and the exuberance of stress, going back to college can be an exciting experience, if you prepare yourself right. We have collected some useful tips that will help you feel your best when the university starts and focus on the things that matter.

1. Set Your Goals For a New Semester

Start with baby steps, no need to rush yourself. It can be hard to see your end goal for now, but what about the end of the fall term? What do you aim for this semester? What is it that you would like to have at the end of it? Make your university experience meaningful, and don’t waste your time on things that are not worthy of your attention. Setting goals is important – it is a useful skill for the future, too.

2. Take Care of Your Finances

This is your second or third year of university, and by this time you may have encountered the best sides of adulting, which include being responsible for your own financial situation. Just kidding, we know it sucks. You already know the importance of knowing how to deal with money, on what you spend most of it, and where you can save some. It is a good idea to plan some of your college expenses before the start of the next semester to get an image of what you will face once it begins.

3. Be Ready to Make Connections

A lot of students stick to the friend groups they formed at the beginning of their studies. That is perfectly fine and understandable. However, don’t be afraid to meet new people and continue (or start) being a social butterfly. There are so many great, inspiring people you are yet to know, so don’t close away in your comfort zone – put yourself out there, and network as much as you can. Continuing studies doesn’t mean you don’t get to meet new people, it means quite the opposite – you have more time to get to know those around you.

4. Work on Your Schedule Beforehand

You will most likely know your schedule 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester. Devote some of this time to preparing your schedule and setting a routine. Think thoroughly, and don’t overwork yourself. If you are employed, try finding a balance between work, school, and rest. Going further with your studies may be a bit overwhelming as things get more serious. A detailed and well-planned schedule will help you feel balanced, and your work/study life will be more structured, which is always a good thing.

5. Get Excited

University is exhausting, yes. But also, it is really fun. Get excited about all the things that wait for you in the future – interesting classes, group projects, parties with your friends, and a whole lot more. As you step further in your college experience, learn to appreciate these moments – as you may have noticed, time flies by fast, and in the blink of an eye, you will stand on the stage waiting to receive your diploma. But for now, enjoy what you have, and brace yourself for one more crazy year at Corvinus.

We cannot wait to see you all in September and start filling the walls of the university with laughter and endless conversations. These tips will help you be prepared to go back emotionally and physically.

Ready, Steady, Go!

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