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Student's guide: 7 plants that you can easily take care of

So, let’s face it: as students, we often fail to take care of our plants. If you are managing your indoor plants successfully without any casualties, congratulations, you deserve a medal. But seriously, if you haven’t ever killed a plant, are you even a university student? As we know, buying a houseplant can give so much joy, it is cheap, it is a great decoration and it can be pretty instagramable. Not to mention all the actual benefits like air purification, stress & anxiety relief and improved performance and focus. However, not all houseplants are easy to take care after. They are living organisms so they have basic requirements in order to flourish. Light, water, proper soil, steady temperature – all adding up to the well-being of your houseplant.

If many poor plants were unfortunate enough to die in your hands, then hear us out: not all plants are high-maintenance. Actually, there are plenty which require minimal care and attention, just some water from time to time. Are you ready to have a mini-jungle at home? Let’s dive into this minimal-maintenance houseplant guide!

1. Herbs

You can literally eat this one. We guess you are already into the idea, right? After all, pasta with fresh basil is just another kind of a gourmet experience. They smell good, they taste good and are low-maintenance. Some good light and a bit of watering and herbs are good to go!

2. Aloe

There are so many things to do with it it’s unbelievable! You can make face masks with it, it heals burns and it moisturizes the skin - 10/10 for practicality. Overall, having an aloe plant is a must. The plant needs warmth and light and as far as you give it some water once in a while it will be totally fine.

3. Succulents

One word – adorable! Succulents are so cute and tiny, and not only that but they are so easy to be taken care of. Moreover, there are many different types of succulents so you can genuinely choose one (or several) that match your taste and put them in cute little pots!

4. Pothos

Or the “Devil’s Ivy”, Pothos is quite versatile and comes in many different colors. The plant needs lower levels of light and not so much watering, so this is basically your best friend in case you have a darker room.

5. Lavender

Who does not love lavender?! The color, the aroma, the beauty of it… It’s great if you’d like to have a natural aromatization in your space without putting any effort. Put that sweetie at a sunny place in your apartment, water it from time to time and enjoy it!

6. Chinese Evergreen

This plant is literally the easiest thing to grow ever! You can water it once every several weeks or every day – it will still be perfectly fine. Light? Oh, no worries, it tolerates darkness and bright spots equally well. So, enjoy the ease coming with this plant, as well as its beauty!

7. Christmas Cactus

Another adorable houseplant, which is also relatively low-maintenance. It blooms around the holidays (as you might have guessed) with beautiful little florets. This cactus is adaptable and strong - it develops well under average home conditions, however, it is best if you place it at a bright spot and you water it regularly (but don’t go too far, you don’t want its roots to rot!). As long as you take moderate care of it, you can enjoy its colors in the winter.

Which is your favorite plant in this short list? Tell us in the comments!

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