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7 Apps That Will Make Living in Budapest Easier

Mobile applications can be extremely useful for many different situations in life; in fact, you would be hard pressed to find an activity there is no app for. The apps are there for us when we have to travel somewhere, want to learn a new language, or just simply want to order something for lunch. Below is a list of free applications you can download that are widely used by people who live in Budapest, providing assistance, opportunities, and making our lives easier day by day. No more confusion. Plus... some of these are founded by Corvinus students themselves!


Founded by two students of Corvinus’ Kinizsi College in 1999, this application has seen an unbroken surge of popularity in the past two decades. NetPincér’s role is to match the demand for food to the supply, and provide an easily usable, comprehensive, and fast online platform for ordering food. Their main business activity is delivery, but they also offer the option of ordering for take-out, or simply browsing the menus of restaurants. The winner of several titles and awards in Hungary, this app will guarantee that you’ll never stay hungry.

Staying with the topic of food, Munch is another great app that deserves every praise and the recognition it gets. Founded recently by (you guessed it) students at Corvinus, this app allows its users to “save” leftover portions at restaurants, bakeries, and cafés by purchasing them for a discounted price. Fighting against food-waste and environmental damage, Munch’s creators are led by the noble mission of convincing more and more people that the right place for good quality, fresh food is in their stomachs, and not on the streets in trashcans.

Young Gun Travel

Imagine Google Maps, but carefully crafted and molded to fit the needs of a university student in Budapest: that’s Young Gun Travel. And you might even know what we are about to tell you - that's right, the founder is an international student at Corvinus! This application navigates you to clubs, bars, restaurant and more. Information provided by YGT about places frequently visited and popular amongst the younger generations of Hungary’s capital is easy to access, concise and useful. The service is catered to the needs of a young adult, with specific emphasis put on budget, trends, and reputation. If you’ve ever experienced not knowing which bar to visit or couldn’t find an appropriately priced place to eat for lunch, Young Gun Travel will offer a simple solution.

BKK Futár

BKK Futár is an application developed by the Budapest Center for Public Transportation that has been available since 2014. Constantly improved with frequent updates and upgrades, this app is an extremely useful tool if you utilize the public transport of Budapest a lot. BKK Futár will get you anywhere you want to go in Budapest, giving you access to online schedules and timetables, routes, vehicles and more. Undoubtedly its most useful feature, the online travel-planning system functions similar to Google Maps, optimized for Budapest’s vibrant public transportation. Lost in Budapest - never again!


Who wouldn’t be familiar with Duolingo, the world-famous application responsible for so many adventurous people deciding to try their luck at learning a new language? Well, if you haven’t heard of it yet, then here is an overview: Duolingo is the most popular app for learning languages individually from your phone or computer. It is free (although offers premium services for extra charges), easy to use, and very convenient. If you would like to learn some basic Hungarian in order to have it a bit easier when communicating with locals (you know we are talking about the famous egészségedre and other similar useful vocabulary, hehe), don’t hesitate to evoke the help of the famous green bird.

MOL Bubi and Lime

MOL Bubi is an application made by MOL, the largest Hungarian oil company, responsible for the MOL Bubi bike rental system in Budapest. Using this app, you can rent and travel with MOL Bubi’s signature green bicycles, which offer a healthy and convenient alternative to driving downtown or using public transport. You have the option of one-time usage and a monthly/quarterly-pass based subscription as well. Lime is the app you need if you prefer electronic scooters instead of bicycles. These two rental systems work very similarly, but Lime has an even bigger freedom-factor, thanks to the lack of collector-stations. You can just find the closest scooter to your location, hop onto it and ride to the university or wherever you like for just the fragment of public transportation fees.

BUD Airport

The official application of Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc airport provides useful information to travelers about arrivals and departure, luggage-handling, parking, and shopping. Besides a lot of practical data, this app is equipped with a comprehensive map of the whole airport, and other handy features that help relieve the usual pre-flight stress. If you are someone who travels a lot with planes, either for holidays or out of the necessity of flying home to your home country, BUD Airport will be a useful guide for your journey.

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  - Janice Maeditere


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