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Trending jobs: business, marketing and more

In the past 20 years the world has been changing astonishingly fast - and just as fast as technology is advancing we got used to the Internet, having a smartphone, taking photos everywhere and incorporating technology in almost every field of our life. The future is tomorrow and as we are looking forward to it we shall not forget that technology will vastly change our career paths, too. As students, you’d like to know if what you’re studying now is useful for the career you’re striving for. Some jobs will disappear, others will be brand new to the labor market but how can we know what kind of occupations will be successful in 5 to 10 years in the fields of economy, business and management? Let’s take a look of what we discovered concerning the topic!

1. AI Business development manager

So, you are studying Business and Management at Corvinus – you’ve chosen a great path! However, business will drastically change as demands for newer, different services and products are present. Such newer field is Artificial Intelligence products of all sorts. This means that becoming a business development manager in this niche will require you to have extra knowledge on this trending market and a great understanding on technological products. You will have to do business with leading external companies and be in charge of internal teams to identify and drive opportunities to accelerate AI innovations.

2. Personal Brand Advisor

Communication and Media students in Corvinus know how to build a great image of themselves and the others as they study subjects such as Psychology, Marketing and Media. In the near future your personal brand will be of high importance. This means that you will have to put a lot of effort into being an attractive professional persona, desired by companies. Self-promotion will be essential and that’s why personal brand advisors will be highly successful as they will be able to develop you and build your reputation. Imagine the competition on the labor market – surely easier to conquer with an impressive personal brand behind your back.

3. Data analyst

The digital realm collects our data on a daily basis, our interests, our online behavior, our preferences. Minding this information, we can conclude that there will be a bigger demand for professionals who understand that data and are able to sort out its meaning – the trends, the patterns and the use of it. Their job will be essential for all businesses and companies collecting our data in order to elevate their performance.

4. Social media manager

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are already leading platforms for advertising, that is why the need of social media managers is obvious. And don’t get fooled – the work doesn’t only consist of posting a few photos with a nice enough caption. The job will require you to be aware of all trends, have knowledge of the audience and be extremely creative at all times.

5. Financial Coach

So you’d like to help others yet deal with finances? That’s when you step in – help others order their finances and budgets, advise your clients in turbulent economic times and give your professional opinion in important situations. You will be able to educate your clients and help them create healthy money habits, contributing to their personal and career growth. MSc Finance students, are you ready to grab this opportunity?

6. Digital Marketing Specialist

Everything is becoming digital – business, too. And as companies are advertised in the digital realm, the more digital marketing specialists will matter. Identify a target market, create a brand image, create and maintain a marketing campaign entirely on the internet and help a company grow. Be an expert in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), display media, and shopping feeds. A great option for our Marketing students, isn’t it?

What is your dream job? Tell us in the comments!

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