What Do Hungarians Celebrate on the 20th of August?

The 20th of August is a normal day for many people, but not for Hungarians. Living in Budapest, you may have heard all about the celebration, fireworks, parades, etc. Why is this day so important for Hungary and what are the programs for this year? Read on to find out this and so much more.

What Do Hungarians Celebrate on the 20th of August?

This day has many names. The most important one -- the State Foundation Day of Hungary. Back into history, in 1083 King István (eng. Stephen) died, and five days after his death he offered the state to the Virgin Mary on his deathbed. Basically, King István is considered the state-founder of the country. This is why the 20th of August is also known as St. Stephen’s Day.

What to expect this year?

Budapest is prepared as ever – the streets are going to be packed with celebrations, festivities, proud Hungarians, and visitors of the city. Everybody is welcome to try national cuisine, watch Hungarian folk dances and listen to live folk music, and, of course, observe the big annual firework show. Not to miss anything interesting, find a detailed program in English here.

The 20th of August is a day of celebrating all things Hungarian, be sure to become a part of this big celebration and get to know more of Hungarian culture while having a good time!

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