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Why Is Budapest a Perfect Study Destination?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Every year Budapest attracts hundreds, if not thousands, international students. Young people from all over the world leave their home countries and come here to change their lives once and for all. What makes Budapest this popular? And how come the city doesn’t lose its fame and manages to live up to the expectations?

We, the international students in Hungary, have all the answers. If you are wondering if Budapest is a good place to study in, the short answer is… yes. To find out the reasons why, continue reading this article and fall in love with this city, just like we did.

1. It’s located in the heart of Europe

Budapest has the best location geographically. From here every country in Europe can be easily reached – by planes, trains, cars, or any other means of transport imaginable. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore the world around you, and Budapest is the place to start from. Croatia, Germany, Italy, Austria – and these countries are only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, Hungary itself is worthy of exploring, too. Trust us, once you are in Budapest, you will not want to go anywhere else, maybe, occasionally for a weekend. Then, all the roads will be opened for you, thanks to the central location of Hungary.

2. Excellent quality education

If you are reading this, then you are on the way to make the right choice and apply to Corvinus. Or maybe you even already have done that. Either way, Budapest has some of the best universities in Europe that offer education for a quite affordable prices, especially compared to Western Europe. More than that, Hungary offers full-ride scholarships like Stipendium Hungaricum or Diaspora Scholarship that will cover the costs of your studies. Corvinus University is your first choice – find out more about our Self-Funded International Students Application period, which will be running until the end of April.

3. Affordable living

Budapest is known for its relatively low cost of living. That is true – compared to most Western European countries, Hungary is quite affordable, even in such difficult time like the one we are living through right now. Rent prices, food, partying – every part of life that may seem important for an international student – doesn’t cost that much here. That is, of course, a big advantage and one of the main reasons why the flow of students to Budapest is as fast and never-ending as it is.

4. International community

That’s not a surprise for any European country now, but, trust us, the international community of Budapest is something else. At Corvinus University, you can see people from a variety of countries sit in one classroom and become friends. More than that, you can find international friends outside your studies as well, and get to know interesting details about different cultures. That is the magic of studying abroad – you are able to create a network for yourself that will be filled with unique connections and, undeniably, true friendships.

5. Hungarian culture (and language in particular)

The culture of this country is truly unmatched – you have to discover it yourself! All the traditions, national holidays, celebrations, etc. are worth seeing and indulging into. Hungarian language is a whole other part of the Budapest experience, even though sometimes it seems like people get scared and don’t really want to start learning it because of how difficult it is. Yes, it is a very hard language, but merely knowing the basics (well, maybe, a bit more) will open hundreds of doors for you – from getting to know your Hungarian friends better to understanding more of the coolest Hungarian rap songs (the lyrics are wild!).

Budapest is one of the most popular studying destinations for a reason. At the very least, for these 5 that we have just listed for you. And for the rest… get into Corvinus University and see for yourself.


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  - Janice Maeditere


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