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Yoga for beginners: time to let go of the stress

Not everyone loves doing sports. There are many people who completely regard sport activities as their biggest enemy, actually. But in such times of heavy stress and uncertainty, sports can provide us with strength, better health, stronger immune system and pressure relief. So if you don’t like lifting weights at the gym (especially now when they are unavailable), running like crazy outside (given the fact how incredibly cold it is) or anything remotely heavy, then maybe yoga will turn out to be your “thing”. Every human being needs to be active – regard it as something that your body needs and deserves. And as we become more and more aware of our mental health these days, taking care of both our body and mind at the same time seems like a great offer. Do you wonder how?


Centuries after centuries, yogi masters in India have been practicing this unique discipline in order to make their souls and bodies synchronize and become in peace. Actually, unknown to many, the word “yoga” essentially means “to unite”. Yoga is about wholeness, about completeness and about feeling the reality surrounding you.

Above all, yoga is a system which helps you find balance within. It brings a sense of stability and a desire to feel good on a deeper level. It is also a philosophy of life - of non-violence and harmony with oneself and the universe, with the other fellow human beings and with our own inner energy. Nowadays, yoga is extremely popular all around the world, with its different styles and practices.

What you’d need:

Generally speaking, owning a yoga mat would be a great advantage as it would make your sessions more enjoyable and comfortable, but some positions can be easily done in your bed – no shame in exercising there! When it comes to clothing, anything stretchy and sporty would do. Leggings and a tee go a long way.

I am trying yoga solely for the physical results. When would I see such?

Generally speaking, it depends on your current state, as well as how often you do yoga (and which kind of exercises!). If your body is more inclined to be athletic, it will not be long until you realize visible changes – a tighter, stronger core, for example. Settling for 3 to 4 20-minutes sessions per week for such physical results might deliver progress in a month!

I am afraid to try yoga because I don’t think I will perform all exercises properly

Indeed, doing the right positions is essential for yoga. However, being a total newbie means that mistakes will happen along the way and not everything will be magically clear to you form the sole beginning – but practice makes perfect! For the first and second occasions you might feel like you cannot stretch as much as you should or that your overall body position is not corresponding to what is shown on pictures and videos, but don’t let fear and slow progress hinder your opportunity of being health.

Yoga will improve your balance, mental clarity, range of motion, flexibility, boost your immune system and stamina and the current period sounds like a perfect time to take care of those. So, without further ado, let us recommend some basic exercises and positions you can try at this very moment!

Child's Pose

Stretching lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

Downward-Facing Dog

Strengthens arms, shoulders and back and stretches the lower part of your body.

Plank Pose

The longest minute of your life. Jokes aside, it is the best whole-body exercise.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Prepares you for advanced positions you’d incorporate in your yoga routine the future.

Cobra Pose

Strengthens the back muscles, and stretches the chest, abdomen and shoulders.

Tree Pose

You have seen this one many times for sure. It will improve your balance and strengthen your whole body.

Seated Half-Spinal Twist Pose

Increases flexibility and releases tension in your back.

Doing yoga can deliver great benefits. It can ground you, bringing stability and peace. Thank yourself at the end of the practice for the time and care you have taken for yourself today. You deserve it.

Which is your favorite yoga exercise?

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