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Your Corvinus application: the next steps

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Our international application period is now closing for September 2021. The final deadline to make an application is 15 June 2021 (for self-funded applicants).

After 15 June you will be invited to participate in a mathematics test or an interview. Some applicants will also be invited to take a part in an English test.

Here is everything you need to know about the next steps and some useful tips from our Director of International Student Recruitment, Matt Jansen.

1. English test: who needs it?

Native English speakers and students who have graduated from high school or university (studying in English) do not need to provide further proof of English proficiency.

For everyone else, you should have one of the following English proficiency certificates (taken after 1 September 2019) at the minimum levels stated below.

These requirements apply, regardless of which programme you have applied for.

You should upload English proficiency certificates using the guidance given in “Uploading documents” (below).

If you have a good reason that you are unable to provide proof of English proficiency (e.g. your nearest test centre is closed due to the pandemic), please contact we will arrange an English test for you.

The costs to take our English test are 4,000 HUF (≈€11).

2. Interviews

Every applicant needs an interview, with the exception of applicants to three programmes:

  • BSc Business and Management

  • BSc International Business

  • BSc Applied Economics.

If you have applied to one of the above programmes you will be invited for a mathematics test instead.

Interviews will be held from 22 June – 8 July.

You will receive an interview invitation from in June with the time/date.

Tip: make sure that this email address is marked as “not junk/spam”. Failure to attend may result in your application being rejected!

The following will be assessed at your interview:

  • Knowledge relevant to your programme (25%)

  • Skills relevant to your programme (25%)

  • Motivation (50%).

The interviewer will also assess your English speaking and listening skills.


  1. Study the relevant programme page(s) of our website and undertake some further research about the content you will study.

  2. Download the PDF in the “Application and further information” section of each programme page – this has comprehensive information about everything you will study!

  3. Practice interview questions with family or friends.

The costs to take an interview are 4,000 HUF (≈€11).

3. Mathematics tests

Only applicants to the following three programmes need a mathematics test:

  • BSc Business and Management

  • BSc International Business

  • BSc Applied Economics.

However, if you have one of the three following qualifications and meet the minimum requirements, you will be exempt from having to take the mathematics test.

You will receive an invitation from in June with the time/date to take part in the mathematics test.

Tip: make sure that this email address is marked as “not junk/spam”. Failure to attend may result in your application being rejected!

Tests will be held online, one specific date/time between 22 June – 2 July.

The pass mark is 40%.


  1. Most of the questions are calculus.

  2. To prepare, practise questions are available here.

  3. Recommended reading - chapters 1-7 and 12.

There is no fee for the mathematics test.

4. Uploading documents

Initially, please use the first form (available on our website). Please upload every document you have, to date. We recommend you do this as soon as possible.

To access first form links, click the right option below:

Please only use the second form once you have your final academic certificates and transcripts.

5. Diploma recognition and credit acceptance

If you are made an offer the next steps are to have your qualifications recognised (“diploma recognition”) – every international applicant needs to do this

Postgraduate applicants also need to complete the “credit acceptance” procedure.

Find out everything you need to know about these processes and what to do in this blog post.

The costs for the credit acceptance procedure are 8,000 HUF (≈€22). The is no charge for diploma recognition.

6. Next steps

We will be issuing offers to successful applicants in July.

Once you have received your offer, you will need to pay 50% of your year 1 tuition fees (1st semester fees) to reserve your place on your programme.

After this, if you need to apply for a visa, you can start this process.

If you require accommodation in Budapest, you can start to look.

We wish all of our international applicants well. Motivated applicants, who take time to prepare and study the resources available have a very high chance of admission! Good luck!


This article has been prepared by Matt Jansen,

Director of International Student Recruitment

Corvinus University of Budapest

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