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Your summer in Hungary: The places you must explore (Part 1)

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic ruined most of our summer plans, or at least postponed them. With the exam period soon coming to an end, you surely started considering the possible destinations for this summer vacation. If you are still in Hungary or around (or if you have the possibility to travel to Hungary in the next 2 months), we can definitely recommend you some of the must-see places in the country, guaranteeing a great experience.

We have all seen the glory of Budapest, but have you been outside of the capital? If not, we have selected a list of beautiful places that you can explore alone or with friends, even as a one-day trip in case you lack time or resources. The pandemic might’ve canceled most of our plans, but be sure to make up for the losses by dedicating time on those amazing destinations. In this article you can find towns full of history and places with incredible cuisine and culture!


Sopron is a large town close to the Austrian border. It is a historical and cultural center with unique, largely intact historical sites and a teeming entertainment industry (festivals). The town bears the noble nickname of “Civitas fidelissima”, meaning “the most faithful city”. Sopron acquired this label after its inhabitants chose to remain part of Hungary instead of being given to Austria in a referendum after the treaty of Trianon.

Sopron suffered heavy damage during World War II, but still managed to retain most of its significant architectural sights. A one-day trip is absolutely enough to fall in love with its charming streets. Enjoy beautiful cafeterias, fascinating historical monuments and gorgeous buildings.


Located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains, close to the border with Croatia, Pécs gives you the opportunity to travel back in time with its ancient Christian necropolis from the Roman era and other remarkable sites.

Found in the early 2nd century by Romans, the city was known as “Sopianae”. With its long history, the beautiful area has a truly magical atmosphere. It is one of the cultural centers of Hungary, and it’s a home to the first university in the country founded in 1367. Moreover, Pécs obtained the UNESCO prize "Cities for Peace" in 1998 for maintaining its cultural minorities, and also for helping refugees of the Yugoslav Wars.


The Hungarian "City of Sunshine" is popular with its sunny days, its gastronomy, its Open Air Theatre Festival and its rich culture. After a flood in 1879, the city was almost entirely rebuilt as the disaster damaged most of the area. Popular sites include the Votive Church, Dom Square, Szeged Synagogue, Karász utca, Gate of Heroes, City Hall, Klauzal Square, National Pantheon, Dugonics Square and many more.

The Balaton coast – Tihany and more

Welcome to Lake Balaton, or the so-called “Hungarian sea”. The region is gorgeous, with many different coast towns, each with its own spirit and charm – from entertainment and party spots to calm, quiet areas and cultural centers.

In this article we will introduce Tihany, a small gem on the northern shore of Balaton. Located on a volcanic peninsula, covered by limestone geysers, the village is well-known for different reasons – the most famous ones being Tihany’s captivating monuments and its echo, existing since the 18th century. Typical thatched-roof houses are the signature look of this tiny treasure, together with its most significant building, the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany. The atmosphere of the 19th century can be sensed all around the village, don’t miss out on this experience!

In the next part you can read about beautiful Debrecen, Eger, Veszprem and more!

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