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5 Best Apps for Students During Exam Season

The exam season is about to start, which means that the studies are becoming more and more pressuring. It is very easy to lose yourself in between all the schoolwork, but don’t worry – we got your back. Thanks to the years of experience, we can help you push through this stressful time by compiling a list of the most useful apps for students.

If you want to nail this exam season, then read on!

1. “Stay Focused” (iOS, Android)

We all know how distractive study sessions can get. Especially, when your phone is around and TikTok feels even more addictive. This app will help you… well, stay focused during your study time. It blocks all apps on your phone and can allow you to set a daily/hourly use of them. You can also set a motivated text which will pop up every time you try to open one of the blocked apps, so that you get right back on track.

If you are struggling with staying focused and concentrated, then this is your best choice. Most of the features offered in the app are free.

2. myHomework Student Planner (iOS, Android)

End of the semester means loads of homework. Organize yourself by downloading one of the best planning apps ever – myHomework. With it you can schedule and store your homework plans, all in one place. You can also prioritize your assignments based on their level of importance. Also, myHomework has a feature of cross-platform synchronization and enables you to get data from any other app.

3. Quizlet (iOS, Android)

Everybody knows about Quizlet. But we will repeat it again. If you want to learn your exam notes fast and efficiently, this is your best friend.

Quizlet is a study app that enables students to create, access, and share digital flashcards. It has a bunch of different study modes, so you can find the one that will work the best for you. You can also search for sets of flashcards that were shared by other students (by the way, you can make your sets public or private, it is completely up to you). Flashcard method is one of the best ones for exam preparation, and Quizlet can help you master it!

4. Sleep Cycle (iOS, Android)

Studying is important, but studying AND having enough sleep is even more important. Sleep Cycle is your best solution. The app listens to your sounds and determines your sleep cycle. After this, you receive analysis on your sleep that helps you understand you sleeping habits better.

The apps wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase, so you will feel rested throughout the whole day.

Good sleeping schedule is directly linked to good performance at exams. And while pulling all-nighters is inevitable during the exam season, at least make sure that you are paying attention to the signs your body is giving you, and keeping track of the sleeping habits that might change once you are more stressed than usual.

5. SimpleMind (iOS, Android)

SimpleMind is one of the best apps for creating mind maps. You don’t have to be a pro at this app to create nicely looking mind maps that will help you to organize and memorize information fast. After a short guide, you are ready to go. More than that, if you want to stay focused, you can use the autofocus feature and block out unwanted distractions.

Mind maps is a good way to learn and structure information, and that is crucial during exam preparation. Don’t miss out on the app that helps you make this process easier!

We hope that this list makes your exam season easier and less stressful. After all, we live in a digital age, so let’s use what we have to the fullest to nail the end of this academic year. Good luck!

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