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A new beginning...

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Dear international students,

Remember your first week in Hungary? Perhaps, it was a mess, just like 2020 – you were a drop of water in an ocean of students, running after coordinators, taking care of papers and trying to take your new life in your own hands. It sounded kind of scary to be alone, but sort of adventurous too – the feeling of meeting your new classmates, the first lecture with a professor, the thrill of finally having your own personal space. And here we are, Corvinus students, some of us despaired, others enjoying distance education, all with one thing in common: our new place to be is Corvinus ever since we set a foot in Hungary. Our place to evolve, our place to learn, our place to make our first steps towards success, what a magical playground! No matter where you are and what you do at this very turbulent moment, you are an essential part of this institution and this platform will be here to support you, teach you and make you smile from now on, as much as possible. Welcome to the official international blog of Corvinus!

Our goal is to deliver content, which will be useful both to the current students and to the potential ones. We are wishing to help you throughout your studies with practical, motivational and occasionally light-hearted materials, such as how to choose an elective subject, how to polish an academic paper, which Netflix series to binge-watch next or what’s the best local cafeteria to rush towards after a sleepless night. The wider the variety, the better, as long as this platform can be your escape from the not-so-amusing reality that we are living through nowadays. Not only that, but when the platform grows some of you will have the opportunity to become part of our content creators since no one can understand students better than students themselves. It is important to highlight that for now this blog will not be a source of academic materials, official Corvinus announcements and key changes in distance learning – all this is accessible on the official website and our university’s Facebook page.

Our future plans are to stick to our goals and give you, students, what you need the most - support. Regardless of the topic, we would like to be here, view the world from your eyes and strengthen the community of internationals here in Corvinus. We do admit that we had some great articles about traveling and nightlife, but since the situation worldwide suggests maximizing the time spent at home we decided to keep this precious information for the days when we can rejoice the end of social distancing. Until then, we promise to find a way to keep you entertained at home for the safety of everyone.

Stay at home, safe and be positive!

New post is coming soon…

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