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7 Reasons to Choose Corvinus University of Budapest

International Application period has officially started.

If you want to be extra sure that Corvinus is the place to be, here are 7 reasons why choosing our university is easy!

Quality education

A better educated society will produce better functioning governments, social systems and sustainable local and global business chains and companies. That’s why our university’s top priority is your education. In Corvinus the focus is not just theoretical knowledge: it is practice, development, critical thinking, communication and prosperity. We are constantly expanding our programmes in order to give you up-to-date knowledge and skills. Moreover, our qualified educators will make sure to give you the most out of the course and are always ready to answer your questions regarding the study material. Receive a competitive, globally recognized diploma and be one step ahead in the labor market!

Variety of modules

Corvinus is delivering knowledge in 3 main fields: business and management, economics and social sciences. Our university offers a big variety of programmes taught in English, such as Finance, Business, Applied Economics, Sociology, Communication and Media and more. Not only that, but students are free to choose electives in accordance to their interests - from languages to law, we never put borders on the material taught in class. From Healthcare Innovation to Media and from Spanish and Chinese to English, we deliver the means to see the bigger picture to the individuals willing to understand the world better. Our disciplines give a major outline of how the society functions in every aspect.


Budapest is beautiful, filled with history and culture! We are sure that you’d love the architecture and the unique atmosphere of the city, as it takes you back in time with its spectacular buildings and monuments. Not only that, but Budapest offers great quality of living and many job opportunities as it is the business center of Hungary. However, the cost of living is much lower than the average costs in most western countries which makes the capital a totally student-friendly place. Being in the heart of Europe, you can reach many important European cities in a few hours, so you can as well dedicate some time on traveling in your breaks.

Student life

Being a student goes hand in hand with some fun! And, guess what – Budapest offers a buzzing student life, full of adventures. You will meet tons of new friends from all over the world, attend occasional Corvinus parties like our Freshman Ship Party on the Danube and enjoy a variety of options to spend your free time.

Apart from nightlife, Budapest offers a wide variety of cultural events as the city is home to the largest museums, public collections and galleries in Hungary. Moreover, you can attend various concerts, theater performances and opera spectacles.

International opportunities

Erasmus+, Campus Mundi, CEEPUS – choose a programme and apply! Students at Corvinus have the chance to go abroad and explore the life and education in another country for some months or a whole semester. You will have the opportunity to learn a new language, make connections and have a one in a lifetime experience.


Corvinus' campus is simply gorgeous! Our campus in Budapest has 3 buildings: the Main building, the Czuczor Street newest building and the Salt house, or, as students refer to them building E, C and S. The main building was built in the 19th century and is now part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. Imagine being part of the thousands of students attending lectures in this gorgeous atmosphere on a daily basis!

The new, high-tech Czuczor Street building has a state-of-the-art interior with spacious community areas and special wall light installations. The building also hosts the 450-seat central library of the university which contains 100,000 books and journals, two computer rooms including an up-to-date financial lab and access to online university and research databases.

The Sóház (Salt House) is the beating technological heart of our university as the IT center of our institution can be found here.


Join one of the university clubs and societies and become a member! Find friends who share your interests – from writing to tourism. We are proud to have many communities opened for international students who welcome them with opened arms and help them grow, create friendships and have fun. Be sure to join a community once you become part of #CorvinUS!

We hope that you are already in love with Corvinus. Come and receive quality education, build networks and create valuable memories. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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