Corvinus Management MA program is among the 100 best management programs in the world

The Financial Times determined the international ranking of the top management training programs in this year, too. In the Financial Times Masters in Management international ranking, the Corvinus University of Budapest takes the 90th place with its Management and Leadership Master’s program, therefore it now belongs to the top hundred management training programs in the world.

Monitoring hundreds of business schools in the world, the Financial Times produces the rankings of the best business schools and trainings every year. In the global ranking of management trainings by the Financial Times Masters in Management, the Management and Leadership Master’s program of the Corvinus takes the 90th place this year. Therefore the program is now among the top hundred management trainings in the world.

With this prestigious position, the Management and Leadership Master’s program of the Corvinus University of Budapest is a unique program that is outstanding not only in Hungary, but by international standards, too.

According to the survey of the Financial Times, the average wage of students graduating from the Management and Leadership Master’s program at the Corvinus is HUF 600,000 gross within three years of their graduation, and based on the data of the system tracking graduates’ careers, this is one and a half higher than the average wage of people graduating from master’s programs at other Hungarian universities. In addition, the students of Corvinus may further enhance the value of their degrees with a CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education) training, too. The CEMS is a training of two semesters, including one semester and professional practice at a foreign university, and in Hungary this is available only at Corvinus. This year the CEMS program took the 13th place in the ranking defined by the Financial Times.

The Financial Times compared the programs from the aspect of value for money, too. In this comparison, the Management and Leadership Master’s program of the Corvinus is already the 21st. The ranking also considers that 96% of the graduates of the Corvinus Master’s program are able to find jobs on the labor market within three months.

All in all, the alumni students of the Corvinus Management and Leadership Master’s program are pronouncedly satisfied with the training, they gave 8.88 points from the available 10 in the survey of the Financial Times. In this indicator, Corvinus proved to be the best in the Eastern-Central-European region, better than the University of Economics in Prague, the Kozminski University in Poland, the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg, and the management program of the University of Ljubljana.


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