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Best Outdoor Activities in Budapest

Summer vibes in Budapest are the ones you don’t want to miss. The city comes alive, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for you to soak up the sun, embrace the city's vibrant atmosphere, and make the most of your time as an international student at Corvinus University. If this is your first summer in Budapest, we got you – read this article to find out all the outdoor activities that will help you create the best memories here!

1. Outdoor Cinemas

Budapest is known for its vibrant evening and night life. The fun doesn’t stop in bars and clubs – the city offers an incredible outdoor cinema experience for those who seek some romantic and serene vibes. Several parks and venues transform into open-air theaters, screening a variety of films ranging from classic movies to the latest releases. Bring a blanket, grab some snacks, and enjoy a movie night with friends or fellow international students. It's a great way to relax, have fun, and enjoy Budapest's warm summer evenings. One of the most famous outdoor cinemas are: Budapest Rooftop Cinema, Cinema Paradiso, Toldi Klub Open-Air Cinema.

2. Danube River Cruise

Yeah, very touristy, we know. Still, it’s an unforgettable experience! Cruise along the river that separates Buda and Pest and admire the city's most beautiful places such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge. It doesn’t matter what time of the cruise you choose – day or evening – the experience will be unmatched. It is a great idea for a friendly hang out or just something you can do on your own.

3. City Park (Városliget)

City Park, also known as Városliget, is Budapest's largest green space and a hub of outdoor activities. It’s not only a perfect place for a peaceful stroll, but the park also offers a variety of activities: from bike rides to rowboat renting. Don’t forget to visit Vajdahunyad Castle, an architectural gem of the capital. In summer, City Park hosts festivals, concerts and a lot of other outdoor activities that are worthy of checking out!

4. City Festivals

Budapest is considered a cultural capital of Europe for a reason. The city offers a variety of summer festivals that you certainly do not want to miss. One of the most famous are: Budapest Summer Festival, Sziget Festival, Budapest Wine Festival, Budapest Beer Festival, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The city hosts events for every budget – choose the ones that suit you best!

5. Margaret Island

Escape the city and catch some peaceful vibes at Margaret Island. Located in the middle of the Danube, this place offers a green paradise to unwind, connect with nature, and recharge your batteries during the summer months. Apart from just walking and enjoying the views, you can also rent a bicycle, enjoy a picnic on the grassy meadows, or relax by the pools at Palatinus Thermal Bath.

Summer in Budapest is anything but boring, as you can see. There is a whole list of things that you must try while being a student here. Grab your friends and go exploring the city – it has a lot to offer during any season, but especially in summer!

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  - Janice Maeditere


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