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Budapest Blend: a place for every international student of Corvinus

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Budapest Blend is the student organization for foreign students who are studying here at Corvinus. Founded over 3 years ago with the goal of integrating international students into university life, we have since worked every day to achieve this.

While the initial obstacles were great, including the obvious language barrier, we have since grown into the premier, Corvinus based, student organization for international students. We operate in English, although you’ll find several different spoken languages here as we have over 60 members from over 40 countries from several of the programs here at university with nearly all of the English ones.

Starting out as just a project with a handful of volunteer students who saw that international students’ time spent could be improved in several ways, we have since organized an international food and cultural exchange that saw hundreds of guests both in and out of university. Gotten accredited to the K1 category among student organizations. Incorporated multiple side projects which include a film club, a lecture series on gender and even partnered with an NGO for future cooperation. We did this all with minimal outside help which is a testament to our resilience.

We want the foreign students to enjoy their time here at university and for this to be one of the best experiences of their lives.

We do this by organizing various programs and events throughout the year. These range from a mentorship program for new arrivals to dog walks and parties with a few picnics in between. These are always a success, to the point where they have even attracted members from other universities.

Our objective is to give foreign students a place where they can feel at home regardless of where they come from and what they study. We want their time at Corvinus to be memorable both in opportunity and experience. From academics to culture we have something here for everyone!


The Newsletter Circle is a group of passionate writers that would like to share their ideas with the world. We publish bimonthly issues as well as run our own blog with lengthier articles. Our circle provides a free platform for creativity and self-expression. Each of our issues consists of 3-4 articles on completely different topics: from deeper social questions to TikTok trends. However, the Newsletter department is not only a writing outlet – we also have work for digital designers that can put the articles together, and create the visual part of our issues as we publish them.

If becoming a writer and winning a Nobel Prize in Literature is not your life-goal, it doesn’t mean you can’t join our group. The only thing you need is a desire to share, start a discussion and have the courage to speak up.


You are interested in Social Media management, digital design and photo-editing? Welcome to Blend’s Promotions team. We are basically the face of Budapest Blend. One of the aspects of our work is to communicate and connect other circles and we work closely with the Events circle to create and promote our gatherings on Facebook and other Social Networks. It can be an exceptional experience especially for those of you who study Communication and Media science. You can practice and enhance your skills, and it may be a good point in your CV! We appreciate people who love filming and taking photos, and ,obviously, people who love using Social Media! We also have our website and we need your help to develop it. So, as you see, we have a lot going on and we have ambitious plans for the new semester. Promotions circle So don’t hesitate to join, we are a friendly and close-knit circle!


The event circle plans and runs events for Budapest Blend members and other students. Usually we organize around 5 events per semester and the events can be anything that might interest students such as pub crawls, picnics, movie nights or visits to new places. The tasks to organize the events are divided within the event circle according to people’s preferences. There are only a few requirements that each member has to do per semester so we can guarantee the circle to work on full potential, but the circle is always there to support and help with these tasks. Besides that there are no limitations within this circle so new people and new event ideas are always welcome.


The mentorship circle guides freshman students to integrate better and faster in the new environment. We provide freshman students with very ambitious and passionate mentors, who help them to lift their confidence in a diverse community by gaining communication, collaboration and social skills. Furthermore, as a Mentorship circle, in collaboration with the Events circle we organize the mentoring week, which takes place in September. Our mentees had the opportunity to take parts in many events such as PubCrawl, Treasure Hunt, picnic, etc. These kinds of events help them to get out of their comfort zone and break the ice with a lot of people. As mentors we strive to help all of our mentees find their passion and create a working environment with similar people, who create a constant motivation and drive for success.

If you are a good listener, trustworthy, good-oriented, encouraging and inspiring, then Mentorship welcomes you!

By Budapest Blend's team

All rights to the images are reserved to Budapest Blend.

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