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Top international student-friendly organizations and communities in Corvinus

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

By Nika Kirillova

Hungary is a beautiful country with kind and friendly people who are ready to help you any moment. You just have to ask them in Hungarian. That’s all. Piece of cake. If you also see a bit of sarcasm in the previous sentence, I guess you did not learn that language yet. Maybe you are planning to do it soon and you’re waiting for a right moment to start, or you are an Erasmus student and do not want to take your precious time from studying hard in the university (because that is what Erasmus students do, right?). Anyway, if you still do not understand why everybody is saying “Hello” to you when leaving, this article is just for you.

Becoming a part of a community in a foreign country as an international student is essential, since you feel supported, you find people alike and you start understanding those small specifics about the country (like the one I’ve mentioned above) way faster with the help of others who went through the same thing. Moreover, the chance of making long-lasting friendships is greater and you’ll surely have more fun as some organizations have their own events.

In Corvinus University you can find plenty of clubs and organizations for Hungarian students, but when it comes to internationals the choice is not as vast. In this article you will get to know 4 English-friendly student clubs and organizations which you can join.

Budapest Blend

Budapest Blend is a lovely community for people from all around the world. It is a unique Corvinus student club where the most of the leaders and main organizers are international students. Their goal is to help other students finding their path at Corvinus and the beautiful city of Budapest. The members of the club can participate and organize different variety of events: pub-crawl, Christmas dinner and Dog shelter visit are only few of them. Budapest Blend is the perfect place to find new friends and get involved in a constant process of developing and improving the club. Here you can access the Facebook page of the organization:

Corvinus Consulting Club

If you think that the best investment of your time is studying, Corvinus Consulting club is just for you. Case solving classes, lectures from the leading consulting firms in Hungary, company visits and many other activities are waiting for you. By joining the club, you greatly increase your chances to be accepted to consulting world and the world of case solving. You can meet a lot of young professionals there who can help you to start your own path in this sphere. If you want to get more information, the Consulting Club members are very friendly and can happily answer your questions if you contact them (Facebook page:

International Diplomatic Student Association

Have you even heard about Budapest International Model United Nations? Sounds interesting? Then you definitely have to apply to International Diplomatic Student Association. Their main activity is to organize Budapest International Model United Nations, the largest MUN of Hungary. Also, as a member you will be able to participate in the conferences abroad as part of IDSA delegation and visit weekly session to learn the required professional knowledge. They even have a web-site: Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.


Last but not least is AEGEE – politically independent, non-profit European student association open for all university students anywhere in Europe. The organization has a long history and have representatives almost in every European country. The main activities of the association are to organize projects, both abroad and in-home country. Unfortunately, you are not able to participate in the organizational part if you do not speak Hungarian, but you can definitely visit projects abroad and help in implementing local projects as well. Web-site:

We hope this article will help you to make your experience in Budapest even brighter! If you have any questions regarding application procedure to join any of the above-mentioned clubs, please, contact them individually.

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