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Corvinus Doctoral Schools Welcome You!

Corvinus Doctoral Schools welcome new applicants!

If you are thinking about a carrier in science after getting your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, PhD is an essential part of your journey. It is a long and demanding process that requires a lot of commitment and motivation. At Corvinus University of Budapest, you will get all the support you need to successfully write and defend your doctoral dissertation.

In order to apply, you have to have your master’s degree. Although it may seem that you must obtain your PhD in studies related to your previous degree, you can quite easily move from field to field and try new things at Corvinus Doctoral Schools. Another requirement is the submission of a research plan with which you will show your understanding of the topic with the relevant literature.

Corvinus Doctoral Schools offer education in English, which will help you get into an international community of Budapest. Studying here, you will get to know Hungarian culture and meet people from all around the world right in the heart of Europe. More than that, the diverse environment of Corvinus motivates you to push further and apply for exchange programs, like Erasmus+, to visit universities abroad as a visiting student.

Doctoral training is a huge investment of time and money, but with Corvinus Doctoral Schools you can rest assured that the support is on the way. We have the state study grant (150 000 HUF/month) which is complemented by Corvinus Doctoral Study Grant. Also, you will be compensated for your teaching activity if you undertake more than required number of hours.

For Corvinus Doctoral Schools graduates, all doors to Hungarian and foreign research institutions are open.

Corvinus Doctoral Schools are the place to be if you see your career in knowledge. Don’t settle for less and become a part of one of the most innovate, international and welcoming communities.

The application deadline is the 8th of May 2023 for September 2023 intake.

Read more about the application process here.

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