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Corvinus step-by-step application: everything important in one place

Have you attended our Open Day event? Are you ready for finally submitting your application? If so, this article is for you – let us walk you through the application process of the university and make it easier for you. Don't forget that the application deadline is nearing in, May 15 is just around the corner. Ready, set, go!

For starters, please access our page on the DreamApply platform. Clicking here will take you to our DA application page right away. Important: this is the only official application method. Unfortunately, even if you send us your documents via email, the only place where we can accept them is on that exact page after a fully-completed submission. You can also find a link of the application site on our website.

Alright, we’re in! As you can see, here you can browse our available programmes, find our contact and, of course, submit your application.

Before you click on “register” please check if it is your nationality that appears in the top right corner – and if not, please change it to yours. Good! Now go ahead and click on that register button.


Luckily, there are multiple options to register an application profile. Type in your personal email address into the box in the middle of the screen or register with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. It is important to use an e-mail which you check daily, not to miss any updates, emails or entrance exam information. This way we can get in touch with you quickly and you will stay continuously informed on your application status. It’s definitely a win-win situation! In case of using one of the account-based sign-up options please note that the email address of the chosen account will be considered as your primary email address.


After clicking on “Register” you will receive a one-time login link to the inbox of the given email address. You will have to open the mail from the system and click on that big blue button that says ‘click to register’, as displayed on the screen. Do not worry if you have not received this email immediately, it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes until you receive it.

The big blue button of the one-time login link will take you back to our application site to finalize your registration. Please type in your full name – it is crucial that you do not use nicknames or shorter versions of your name. So please, write your name as per your passport/ID card. Then, you’ll have to choose a password. Make sure to memorize it! And…. Click on register. We’re almost at the interesting part. There is just one more step - enter your phone number and citizenship and then click continue.


Now, you will find yourself at the main page, but logged in as an applicant! You’ll see all our programmes – if you do not want to leave the main page just scroll down. If you click on the programme names you can read about each programme in details. You can also click on the blue button in the middle that says “Browse the programmes and apply” – or go to the left menu and choose Browse programmes, both will get you to our search engine. You can set up different filters (– programme name, education level or academic year) then click on “Find programmes” and all the programmes Corvinus has to offer will be right in front of you.

As you have clicked on a desired programme, just click "Apply now". You can also add a second programme if you click "Add more choices".

Very important! The first programme in line is your first priority – but of course with the up and down buttons you can change the priority of the programmes you applied to until the application deadline. Also important – before you click “Next page” you must always Save your changes first!



The next page is your profile – please complete your profile with the required information. You also must provide some details about your identification documents – you can choose either your passport or your ID as a primary document. As a non-EU citizen, it is more logical to have your passport as the primary one. If you are from the EU, choose ID. Make sure that the data you provide here matches reality and the data you have in your identification document. Then finally it is picture time. Of course, first save the changes then click on “next page”.


Next up - your contact details. Please fill the empty brackets accordingly. Save changes and then click on “Next page”, you know the drill.


This one is about your previous education. Please carefully read the instructions above first. Then fill out the page with the required and necessary information.

In case you are a bachelor applicant, and your previous education was high school or secondary school please type ’secondary education’ as “Programme name” and ‘secondary school or high school diploma’ as your “Awarded qualification”.

In the brackets where we ask for diploma or degree results, issue number or issue date and you have not finished your studies please write estimated information. In case you have more educational experience feel free to click on the “Insert new block here” button and fill the necessary information accordingly.

Below the already filled out education block you can find Hungarian higher education related questions. In case you have already studied in a Hungarian university please fill out the brackets accordingly.

Save the changes and then click on “Next page”.


Next up – Language proficiency. You already know that English on a B2 level or higher is a requirement at Corvinus, if not, do not worry, below the questions our language requirements are explained. Please click “Yes” or “No” to the following questions. Note, that you will have to provide proof of your English language proficiency in the Documents section as well.

Guess what… yes, save changes and then click on “Next page”.


This ‘Other’ section sounds kind of scary first, but we are just curious: where did you hear about us, Corvinus. Please choose from the options and in case you applied via a Student Recruitment Agency please provide the name of your agent as well.

And… yes, save changes, then go onto the next page.


Now here comes the most critical part of the application. First you have a little help we created: a checklist. Here all the different type of required documents are listed in checkpoints. With the checklist you and us can keep track of what is missing from your application so make sure to keep it updated. When you uploaded all the necessary documents under a checkpoint you can choose the “I have attached” option so that we know you finished uploading all the checkpoint related documents.

Important that first you must upload the document and then click on the box of “I have uploaded”. After marking the checkpoint as finished the system will tick the checkpoint, showing that it is completed. Please only click on the “I have attached” option if you uploaded all the necessary documents. In case you want us to know any specific detail about an uploaded document you can write a note to us, this will not change the status of a checkpoint. Please try uploading documents in a PDF form.

In case you have not finished your studies you do not have to worry as within the “Diploma & Transcript” checkpoint you have the option of “I have uploaded my in-progress transcript”. Instead of a tick the checkpoint has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it showing that the task of the checklist is not finished. Like this, you will receive reminders to upload your missing documents, and when you have your final diploma and transcript you can upload it anytime.

When you finished uploading all the documents you could, please always click on the “Save” button before moving any further.

If you have any additional document which would not fit the checkpoint please go to the next page, the page of documents. Here you can see the already uploaded documents, plus you can upload more additional ones. Please, if a document fits a checkpoint try to upload it via the checkpoint.

Click “Save” after uploading any additional documents and now you can click on the “Submit” button as well. Congratulations – you have started your future with #CorvinUS!

Extra information – that after submitting, if you have any unsolved tasks it will appear in the blue menu on the left. By clicking on the “Tasks” button you will be led back to your checklist. By clicking on the “Inbox” you will see the incoming emails from Corvinus. And by clicking on the “Finances” button you will be able to find the pending invoice of the application fee and - after clicking on it - all the payment details you will need.

Ready to apply? Click the button below!

Could not make it for our Open Day? No worries, you can re-watch it here:

We hope this was useful and we also hope we’ll be seeing you this September!

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