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cubE answers – a safe place for international students of Corvinus

Hello everyone, we are the cubE answers! As part of our subject „Project: Planning and Leading” we created something that has been the dream of ours for a while now: an Instagram page for the international community of Corvinus.

But what is this exactly?

cubE answers is a safe place for you, international students, where you can ask any questions regarding university life and beyond, you can find buddies here for group projects or a friendly basketball game (well, not now during COVID, but you know, in general) or you can even write your confessions about being an international student at Corvinus or in Hungary feels like – anonymously, if you want!

On our Instagram page we share our answers to all the incoming questions, or just the confessions you guys make. You can either send us private messages or comment under our posts if you don’t mind your name to be seen, but if you need a little privacy, you can send us everything by filling out our Google Form. We value all kinds of interactions from you!

We wanted to (and still do!) create an online environment for CUB students from all around the world, where you can get any information you need by asking us or checking other people’s questions, where you can also help each other out in the comment section, or where you can just let it all out, if there’s too many things on your mind that concerns you.

And now we can talk about these things!

We are also planning a little get-together with you – the cubEmergency helpdesk!

This event will be held 20th November at 8 pm, where after introducing ourselves a bit, we’re going to give you some infos about important topics that may affect you, like COVID protocols and lockdown good-to-knows, and after that you can shoot your questions regarding anything that’s important to you, or you can just tell u show you feel about online education and the pandemic.

So make sure to join our Zoom meeting this Friday at 8 pm, and let’s talk! You can find every detail of this little call in our event:

Don’t forget to invite your friends as well.

With Love,

cubE answers team

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  - Janice Maeditere


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