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Digitization brings faster administration and shorter queues to Corvinus

You can now book an appointment with the Study Office online and download your student status certificate from Neptun for which you still had to stand in line at this time last year. Such innovations were discussed in head of student services Péter Major’s lecture about the on renewal, but he also talked about the new student office, moreover, we could get a glimpse of the functions of the MyCorvinus application.

A few weeks after the leadership and then student briefings, Corvinus ’various renewal projects also held online reports on their working strategy, where they are now and where they want to go in the long run. Head of student services Péter Major said that they were undergoing significant changes in a number of areas in order to better support students ’lives through their operations. A survey has been conducted among students, and these have led to expectations that students want to minimize the time spent on administration and do not want to adapt to the reception hours of office staff.

Downloadable student status certificates

The “Administration Online!” platform launched on 19th October can help with this: it an interface that redirects many workflows to a digital route, so for example, you no longer have to wait in line at the study office for the student status certificate, since this document can be downloaded by everyone from Neptun. According to Péter Major, more than 1,100 student status certificates have been downloaded in 10 days, but the online appointment booking that has just been introduced has also become a popular feature: 8,000 appointments have already been made through the interface.

The head of student services called the launch promising because 40 per cent of the requests initiated on the platform took place without intervention by administrators, which points in the direction that administrators may have more time to deal with more complex cases, thereby speeding up office processes. The status of the requests received by e-mail has also become traceable, so they can see the average amount of processing time: we would to reduce this from the current ~ 30 hours to 20-24 hours.

Classes, exams, averages in the app

In addition to the introduction of Administration Online, the university's digitization developments also include a mobile application for students, which will be available for download from the end of November for anyone with an Android or iOS smartphone. At the briefing Péter Major briefly introduced the functions of the application, which included a map, a news feed containing current affairs and relevant information, and relevant information about each student's own academic progress. The subjects and exams of the given semester, as well as the averages of the previous semesters will be available easily.

New student office

During his presentation Péter Major also showed pictures about the new student office soon to be handed over. The purpose of the renewed space is to create a community space for students and to allow administration to take place in a more relaxed and casual way with the staff of the Study office. The current epidemic will not allow the administration to move here in November, so for the time being only students can occupy the renewed space. However, if all goes well, then the administration process could start here even in the first half of next year.

One of the questions raised during the lecture was whether there be an application for university staff in the future, to which the answer was that there is no reason why there shouldn’t be one, and joint discussions have already started about it, however, the date and method of the implementation will depend on the development capacity and exact needs. It was also discussed whether a description of the processes serving the students would be available, as this would help the work of the institute coordinators and supervisors, since students often turn to them with their questions. Peter said they would ask for a little more patience in this, but over time they would like to make all the documentation available in order to make their operation clear.

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