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Home Away from Home: Tips for Adapting to a New City

Moving to a new place is never easy. Especially to a foreign country for studying. At the start, everything seems scary and strange, and it feels like you are never going to truly be at home here. But don’t worry, we are here to help you adapt and feel more comfortable after first arriving to Budapest.

We have gathered useful tips that will help you be more at peace in a new place, as well as encourage you to put yourself out there and start building your life.

1. Do Your Research

Before moving, read the essential information about the city. The transportation lines, how you will commute from your place of staying to the university, what documentation you should prepare, etc. Also, don’t forget about fun things – what places to check out, cafes to visit, and so on. If you already know your exact address, locate the necessities in your neighborhood, like pharmacies and grocery stores. Google Maps work perfectly for that. Of course, it won’t prevent you from feeling a bit lost in Budapest at first, but you will already have some knowledge to ease the adaptation up.

2. Give Yourself Time

Don’t try to rush anything. Completely changing your environment and stepping out of comfort zone is not easy, nor quick. It will be overwhelming, even if you think you are prepared for everything. So, don’t forget to treat yourself gently in that difficult period of time – have some rest, go for walks, run to small suburban towns from the city rush, do the things that bring you joy. Trust us, everything happens at its own pace, so if you need some more time to adapt, give it to yourself and don’t try to speed the things up.

3. Stay Connected to Your Roots

If you feel like it. Being homesick is a thing most university students go through after moving to a big city to study. Especially foreign students because we can’t just go home whenever we want to. Keeping in touch with your family and old friends can be really beneficial for your mental health, and you will feel less alone. Of course, university is about making new friends and connections, but there is no shame in staying close to your roots, especially, if it brings you comfort. So, go ahead and call your old friend and tell everything that happened during the Freshmen Week. We are sure, they will appreciate it too.

4. Open Up

This whole big city is full of opportunities! Say “yes” to whatever feels right, but don’t close in fear, even though sometimes it feels like the best thing to do. The beginning of the university life is the time to make connections that will last throughout the years, so don’t miss out on opportunities. More than that, going out and meeting people will make you feel more at home and more “inserted” in the lifestyle here. Even if the first couple of occasions might be a bit awkward, it will get better each time you put yourself out there.

5. Look After Your Mental Health

Last, but definitely not least. Moving out of home, starting a university – all of those things can take its toll on your mental health. Prioritize it over any other thing. How you feel mentally will determine your physical condition too, and we all want you to be at your best. So, we recommend you pay close attention to how you feel, and whenever you feel like you might need help, Corvinus is here – Student Support Services are happy to provide you with free therapy appointments. You can find out more via this link.

Even though moving to a new place can be really difficult and stressing, it is for sure worth it. These tips will help you feel more confident at the start of your journey and adapt more smoothly. As Pitbull said, “been there, done that”, trust us it gets better along the way!

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