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Hot as Hell: 5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up in the Heat Wave

This summer Budapest is, more than ever, on fire. The weather has become so hot it is almost unbearable to go outside. While summer is supposed to make us happy and energetic, it can be hard to keep the energy in such heat. However, there are some tips that will help you cool down and come to your senses when it feels like your brain is melting.

1. Hydrate

Yes, it is obvious, we know, but a little reminder never killed nobody. During summer you sweat a lot, and the process of dehydration happens a lot more quickly than usual. So, water should become your best friend. Buy a cool reusable bottle and carry it with you at all times. It also clicks perfectly with our Corvinus Green concept! Water will help you feel a bit better in the heat, and it’s just good for your body in general, of course.

2. Place ice in front of your fan

If you are a loser that doesn’t have an air conditioner, then don’t worry, we stand with you! A simple fan can help, but to make it better, place a pack of ice in front of it. This way, it’s not going to just rush the air from place to place, but actually cool it down, which is what you are aiming for. We tried, and it really worked!

3. Eat light

Not eating too much in the heat will help you feel lighter, as your body will literally have less calories to burn. Also, your stomach will feel better, and overall, it will be easier to survive the heat. Try eating more frequently but in smaller portions throughout the day, it always works. Of course, don’t starve yourself, but eating too much or lots of fat food will make matters worse and your body will feel even more tired and heavy in this unbearable hot weather.

4. Wet your wrists and neck

If you don’t have a pool in your yard to jump into, putting cold water on your wrists and neck will do wonders too. This works especially well if you can’t sleep on a humid summer night. Running cold water over your feet will help too. Also, a wet towel on those areas is a great idea, and it will keep you cooled down for a little longer.

5. Get some rest

Don’t overwork yourself during the heat. Take a break from everything for some time, and do lots of physical activities, as it can get even dangerous in such extreme temperatures. If you do feel the need to work out, at least choose air-conditioned places to make it safer. There is nothing bad in making time for some rest when you literally struggle to exist normally when it’s 42+ degrees outside. It is a perfect time to take better care of yourself.

The heat wave will soon pass, but while it is here, we should ease the tension for our bodies as much as we can. These tips will help you do that and feel better during hot summer. We have only 1.5 month left, so let’s enjoy even the unbearable heat before the autumn hits us with its cold temperatures again!

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