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I don't enjoy my program. Now what?

Identify the problem

So, recently you’re feeling like the program you’ve chosen isn’t fitting you, it doesn’t fit your needs and desires. It just doesn’t feel right, especially when it comes to certain classes. But what is the exact problem? Try identifying the issue – do you dislike the whole program, several classes, your university mates, the entire institution or the methods of teaching? Be honest with yourself and try getting deeper and deeper into the core of the issue. Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in, or the teachers aren’t what you’ve expected? Make a list of the exact problems you have with the course you’re taking. Do you feel like this was the wrong choice? Do you like the university, but not the direction of your major? Or maybe you have friends in other majors who tell you how amazing their subjects are and now you’re curious if you should’ve applied for those other programs… Whatever the issue is, be honest and objective. Things like “it’s too hard” are just plain excuses out of laziness.

Give yourself some time

So you have identified the problem and now it’s time to decide what to do. Don’t rush to the exit! Give yourself and the major some time. Perhaps, it was just a matter of several boring subjects until you finally get to the good stuff! Or maybe the teachers you dislike won’t actually teach another subject so it’s just a matter of time until you are “free”. Whatever the issue is, try understanding if it’s solvable or not. If you just hate the major and you definitely think that this whole thing isn’t for you at all and it does not match your interests, then you are free to go and act in accordance to your feelings. Otherwise, don’t draw conclusions too fast, go with the flow and see if you’d eventually start loving the major. Come on, give it a shot!

Talk with your close ones

So you waited a bit and you still have that same opinion about the course? Talk. Talk with your family, talk with your friends, speak with your favorite professor (you must have one, at least!), consult with a representative of the university, even ask your new international friends about their opinion. All those people want only the best for you. The best! Trust them, explain your concerns, dislikes, worries, give arguments on why a certain action would fix the situation, do your best in explaining your frustration. Maybe those people will give invaluable contra-arguments on why you shouldn’t leave that you haven’t considered at all, or perhaps they will encourage you to seek your own personal truth and start searching for the right path. People around you aren’t you – they will give you a different perspective which might turn out to be much needed.

Change your major

Ask about the possibility of changing your major. Maybe you need to complete the year first? Which are the required documents? Can you transfer without having to go through all foundational courses once again? Will you lose your scholarship this way? These are things that your coordinator must be able to answer. That is a good option if you still want to keep your friends and stay in the university, yet you believe that another program would fit you better.

Change university

If you feel like this is not your place to be, making the decision of leaving might be the only right one. This is not an easy road, but as long as you believe it is the best option on the table then you do you – find your actual place on this Earth. The right institution can give you so much, once you find it!

Take a gap year

You have no idea what to do with yourself, your life and you are overall unsure about your career path. That is why some people prefer taking a gap year in order to gain experience, understand themselves better and just try opening their minds to new things. This is always an option if you have the time and the budget for it. Find the pros and cons of a gap year here.

We hope you like your major and the courses you are taking. Can’t wait to have our dear students back on campus, see you in Autumn!

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