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I miss my Budapest: looking forward to...

For those students who travelled back home after the coronavirus outbreak, Budapest and the usual student life might be deeply craved and missed. Far from the beautiful capital and your friends, far from the shiny Danube underneath the sun, far from the bridges and the hills.

You miss Budapest, don’t you? You miss the food, the activities, the fun – the city became your second home, after all. Even the not-so-bright side of it, like the insane traffic jam in the morning before lectures or the absolutely weird but gorgeous Hungarian language which you cannot understand at all even though people in the supermarket try to explain stuff in it every single time. Oh, and the street food – all the gyros you’re missing out on must be breaking your heart right now. That is why we prepared a list with all the things you must enjoy once you’re back - we can’t wait to meet our students again!

1. Go to Café Frei in the break

Basic or not, Café Frei became a routine. You have 20 minutes, you need caffeine and Frei is ready to give you the best Americano in your life. You sit there, chat shortly with your friends and enjoy the last few minutes of freedom until the next lecture starts. Remember the coffee options? So many different tastes, such a variety of coffee, you can literally have a taste-bud journey right away between lectures. Not only that, but the place is much appreciated in bigger breaks when you have a gap in your schedule. Soon…

2. Sit at the side of Liberty bridge and enjoy the sunset after lectures

We all know how the bridge’s sides look like in sunnier days – full of youngsters and tourists, sitting and enjoying the absolutely mesmerizing view in front of them. You hear laughter, everything around is pure happiness. The best part? The sunset from that point is simply stunning, especially when the moment is shared with friends. Climbing the bridge is not recommended but we’re sure you’ve done this at least once…

3. Chill next to Budapest Eye after a long day

We all know the drill: city lights, huge ferris wheel next to you and a bunch of friends as a cherry on top. You grab snacks, you sit in the grass with a drink in hand and enjoy the moment. You play some nice music and talk about life, joke about stuff and have some great time. Such an idyllic kind of night, a true rest after a long day of studying or working.

4. Eat Hungarian goodies like a pro when you're too lazy to cook

We hope that you haven’t forgotten the super tasty food Hungary can offer – the carb-loaded yet amazing lángos, the sweet kakaós csiga, the on-the-go túró rudi and the absolute favorite kürtőskalács. And even though that’s not Hungarian you must admit that your gyros consumption drastically increased since you moved and there is a reason why. What would you eat first when you return?

5. Have a nice picnic at Margaret Island in the weekend

So the week is over and you want to find a calm place where you can take a long walk, have an ice cream, perhaps even ride a bike. Yes, Margaret Island is the perfect place for those days. Even when you’re feeling lazy, the island energizes you and freshens you up. It’s great for picnics with friends or on your own, just sitting in the grass, feeling the warm sunshine on your cheeks.

6. Spend a day in Szentendre

About 40 minutes from Budapest you can find the gem called Szentendre with its Mediterranean vibes and Baroque architecture, luring tons of tourists every day. We’re sure that a lot of you have either heard about the town or have gone there as it is a great one-day trip to unwind or simply to explore Hungary out of Budapest without sacrificing too much time. The small streets, beautiful churches and the historical atmosphere just make you want more! Going to a restaurant or just strolling at the shore of the Danube is such a great way to spend the weekend there.

7. Experience night life once again

Students have fun, that's a fact. Either by going to Corvinus parties or choosing a place on their own, internationals know how to make the best out of a night out, especially when Budapest is a leading location when it comes to nightlife. What about a "happy returning to Budapest" party with all of your friends? Sounds like a plan.

8. Take 100+ photos of the Parliament and yourself

Budapest is instagramable and no one can deny it. Miss taking photos in front of gorgeous buildings? Imagine when you see the Parliament again in its full glory! There are just too many beautiful spots, which means that you’ll definitely make tons of pictures. Ready for that aesthetic in your feed once again?

9. Enjoy living alone again

After moving out once, settling in your own space and living after your own rules, it is hard to go back to your parent's place - you surely missed your family but personal space became something sacred in the months you got used to living on your own. Snacking at 3:00 in the morning and just being lazy at the couch are now luxuries you miss. Being *slightly* messy was just a part of you and there was no one who ever disputed your right to be who you are. Are you ready to move back to Budapest?

What would you do when you return? #wemissyou #CorvinUS

Photos: Pexels

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