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International open day, 22 April – what you wanted to know!

Our international application period is now closing for September 2021. The final deadline to make an application is today, 15 June 2021 (for self-funded applicants).

Many of you will be sitting interviews and mathematics tests in the next few weeks. Those of you who are successful will be offered a place at Corvinus and the next steps will secure your place - by paying 50% of your year 1 tuition fees and then applying for your visa before term starts in September.

In this, third, in a series of blog posts for our prospective new international students, we answer questions frequently asked at our open day earlier this year, in April.

1. About the open day

We were delighted to welcome so many international students to our first online international open day.

In the two-hour online event, speakers included three of our international students – Ina Ivanova, Michelle Jaramillo and Connor Jackson. Attendees also heard from our academic leaders – Dr. Richard Szanto, Dean of Undergraduate Programmes and Dr. Helga Habis, Dean of Postgraduate Programmes.

Attendees were invited to post questions during the event. At the event, we held a 15-minute Q&A session. Here are some of the questions that were asked.

2. You asked - we answer!

Will my teaching be online? Or face-to-face?

Good news – the Corvinus leadership team have announced that all teaching will be face-to-face in September 2021!

The decision has been taken with consideration for student and staff safety, but also student feedback and research that supports face-to-face teaching and learning. We want to give you the best academic experience possible!

Hungary has been successful in its vaccination programme and government policy has also carefully been considered.

More information about arriving in Hungary for new international students will follow before enrolment.

If for any reason, teaching needs to be online in September 2021, students will be given notice.

How can I apply for a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship?

For September 2021, applications are now closed.

For September 2022, you will be able to make applications online at:

You will likely be to apply from mid-November 2021 and will have until mid-January 2022 before applications close.

Please wait for the official call for applications for September 2022 from Study in Hungary. You can follow them on social media.

Do you have a “Spring” intake?

No, at the moment, we only have one intake for all of our programmes, which is September.

In the future, we may introduce a “Spring” intake but currently have no plans to.

Do you have any societies or debate clubs at Corvinus?

Yes, we have lots of student-led organisations, be sure to check out our website.

Here is a quick focus on a few you might be interested in:

  • Budapest Blend – specifically for international students from all over the world!

  • Budapest Business Club – for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring business people!

  • IDSA (The International Diplomatic Student Association) – for people looking to make a difference in the world and connect with other like-minded individuals. Amongst other things, IDSA arranges conferences and lectures about international relations and socio-economic issues.

How do I apply for a visa?

If you are not an EU/EAA national, you can travel to Hungary with a visa-D.

The visa-D will allow you one entry to Hungary for a maximum of 30 days.

During this period, you must secure a residence permit for study purposes to remain in Hungary. This permit will allow you to live, study (and work) in Hungary for the duration of your programme.

  1. Arrange an appointment with the Hungarian Consulate in your home country by clicking here. Note: you will have an interview with the Consulate in English. They will explore your motivations for studying in Hungary, at Corvinus.

  2. Once you receive your visa (in your passport), you can travel to Hungary

  3. In Hungary – go to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (Immigration Office) within 30 days of arrival.

  4. Costs: 60 EUR – this must be paid by card. If you are a Stipendium Hungaricum student, there is no charge if you produce your letter of award.

EU/EAA nationals do not need a visa!

How can I apply for a double degree?

There are many exciting double degree options available to Corvinus self-funded students. We have partners in Germany, France, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and Italy.

A double degree allows you to obtain two degrees for the price and time of one. Generally, you will spend one or two years at Corvinus and one year with our double degree partner.

All you need to do, for now, is apply to and enrol at Corvinus. If there are double degree option for your programme, you will receive information about how to apply whilst studying on the programme.

More information is available here.

What about the CEMS Master in Management?

This is a special type of double degree.

If you are studying one of the following Corvinus Master programmes, you can apply for the CEMS Master in Management in year two:

  • MSc in Marketing

  • MSc in Finance

  • MSc in Business Information Systems

  • MSc in Business Administration

  • MSc in International Economy and Business

  • MSc in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies

  • MSc in International Taxation.

In year two, you will have the opportunity to spend a term at one of the 33 other worldwide CEMS universities.

You will also undertake an international internship in year two.

At the end of your programme, you will receive two degrees.

More information is available here.

What accommodation options are available?

Corvinus offers a range of accommodation options close to our campus for approximately 1100 of our students.

More information is available here.

Private student accommodation is also available in Budapest. Costs typically range from €150 - €400/month.

Living in student accommodation will give you a great opportunity to meet people from all around the world.

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to stay in our accommodation or source private student accommodation or any other alternatives.

What will the interview be like and how should I prepare for it?

Every applicant needs an interview, which the exception of applicants to three programmes:

  • BSc Business and Management

  • BSc International Business

  • BSc Applied Economics.

If you have applied to one of the above programmes you will be invited for a mathematics test instead.

Interviews will be held from 22 June – 8 July.

You will receive an interview invitation from in June with the time/date.

Tip: make sure that this email address is marked as “not junk/spam”. Failure to attend may result in your application being rejected!

The following will be assessed at your interview:

  • Knowledge relevant to your programme (25%)

  • Skills relevant to your programme (25%)

  • Motivation (50%).

The interviewer will also assess your English speaking and listening skills.


  1. Study the relevant programme page(s) of our website and undertake some further research about the content you will study.

  2. Download the PDF in the “Application and further information” section of each programme page – this has comprehensive information about everything you will study!

  3. Practice interview questions with family or friends.

What about mathematics tests?

Only applicants to the following three programmes need a mathematics test:

  • BSc Business and Management

  • BSc International Business

  • BSc Applied Economics.

However, if you have one of the three following qualifications and meet the minimum requirements, you will be exempt from having to take the mathematics test.

You will receive an invitation from in June with the time/date to take part in the mathematics test.

Tip: make sure that this email address is marked as “not junk/spam”. Failure to attend may result in your application being rejected!

Tests will be held online, one specific date/time between 22 June – 2 July.

The pass mark is 40%.


  1. Most of the questions are calculus.

  2. To prepare, practise questions are available here.

What are the diploma recognition and credit acceptance processes? When do I have to do them by?

Good news! We have written about everything you need to know about this in this recent blog post.

If I fail my interview, will I have a chance to join the preparatory programme?

Yes, if you show sufficient motivation and have good English language skills (a “high” B1 Level), we will offer you the chance to start on the preparatory programme.

More information about the programme is available here.

When do I have to provide all of my documents by?

If you already have your qualifications, complete this by 15 June.

For everyone else, you have until 12 July.

In exceptional circumstances, extensions may be granted up until 1 August. Please email if you need to request an extension and state the reasons why.

3. Still got questions?

We recommend that you look at our frequently asked questions page (for international applicants) on our website.

There is also a useful page about the Stipendium Hungaricum programme.

If you are a prospective student looking to make an application in the future, you can email

If you have already applied for September 2021, you can email

Finally, we recommend you follow the International Blog on Facebook – we will be posting regular content for international applicants in the next few months. We will also hold webinars to give more information to new international students and will keep you updated here.


This article has been prepared by Matt Jansen,

Director of International Student Recruitment

Corvinus University of Budapest

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