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Mental Health Awareness Workshop by Corvinus students

Hello everyone, I'm Arystan! Me and my team are launching a Mental Health Awareness Campaign here, at Corvinus. We are 6 students from the Communication and Media BA program (Tran Ngoc Minh Hien and Khánh Vi from Vietnam, Celine Aliyeva from Azerbaijan, me from Kazakhstan and Makar Ulitin from Russia) and if you know, 3rd year students should develop a project to use their skills in practice. We had a lot of different ideas of what we should do starting from podcasts and even shooting a film. But then we thought of making something actually useful. The hardest part is of course preparation for the project launch.

Considering that my team and I come from all over the world, and not everyone is in Hungary at the moment, it was quite hard sometimes. I guess it is what every student feels like nowadays. We had 2 of our teammates abroad so we had to work both online and offline. The last year was a hard hit on all of us and it is extremely important to stay sane and not let your mental health issues overtake your life. That is why we decided to work in this domain and spread awareness about Mental Health.

It can be hard for English-speaking students to find any information about psychological help and counselling services here in Budapest so I believe we can help our fellow students by providing essential information concerning where and how to get help.

We also plan to hold several workshops throughout this semester where people can socialize in a friendly environment, share their stories, and get useful tips. The first one is going to be held this week so if you are interested please sign up for it and follow our Social Media!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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  - Janice Maeditere


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