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PUMA: what happens after graduation? Find out with our alumni coming from all around the globe!

Meet... Tea Mchedlishvili

How did you find your current job?

It is a little bit strange that I landed my current job in Georgia when I was still living in Budapest. Even though Budapest offers number of opportunities for students and fresh graduates, I decided to move back to my home country. The reputation of the Corvinus University of Budapest was a cornerstone that helped me to get the job I wanted

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities include continually assessing the structure of risk governance; develop, implement, and enforce rules and procedures designed to mitigate risks. My day-to-day work includes helping teams to set policies regarding security in close partnership with higher management.

Besides, I am enjoying my teaching experience at the University. PUMA helped me to set the quality of my classes and adjust my teaching methods to globally acceptable standards.

How do you use your PUMA knowledges in your employment?

PUMA equipped me not only with academic knowledge but also gave me truly amazing international experience. Having the opportunity to study alongside global classmates offered me not only a remarkable chance to improve my awareness, but also took me on an exclusive learning curve before graduating into today’s all-inclusive global marketplace, where I am working in environment that requires to connect with teams from different countries.

It is amazing to be exposed to so many different cultures and traditions. The PUMA experience prepared me for a global industry because it enabled me to become more aware, sensitive and respectful towards others.

Any recommendations for today’s PUMA students?

  1. Ask as many questions as you can during the classes and focus on your studies; Start writing your Master thesis as soon as you can and choose the topic that you truly like, because you will stick around it quite a while.

  2. Network more with guest lectures and professors as they may help in landing your dream job.

  3. Hang out with your classmates and appreciate that you have them, they are the best things I have got from PUMA.

  4. Don’t’ forget to enjoy Budapest!

P.S. Attend and don’t hide your emotions on the graduation ceremony, it will be one of the memorable events in your life.

Meet... Vladislav Kostin

How did you decide to join your current workplace?

Studies in Corvinus University became a very bright milestone of my life. All the academic, research and multicultural experience in our warm community prepared me for the beginning of my career and made me more self-confident in any aspect. After graduation I was considering different industries related to data analytics for my employment, but I finally decided to join the telecom industry in Russia. Certainly, my analytical qualification, language skills and ability to accomplish a MSc degree in Corvinus have been considered as assets of my profile. Currently, I am employed as a Bi Analyst in MTS - the largest telecom and IT player in Russia's commercial market.

Do you do anything next to your work duties?

Besides my job, I keep myself busy with volunteering related to the public sector. Thus, I am assisting the UN-Habitat project with tasks related to computing, translation and conduction of data related to territorial development. Additionally, I contribute to the community of the HSE university in Moscow - the institution where I gained my BA degree. In this role, I am leading the English-speaking club for local and international students, plus consulting my institutional fellows regarding studies abroad.

What is the next big step you are considering?

In the near future I plan to try myself in application for PhD studies, so I will surely apply skills and knowledge I gained by PUMA classes and research. I am passing warm regards to all teaching staff and current students. Hope to meet all of you in Budapest one day!

Meet... Battsengel Davaasuren

How did you find your current job?

I'm working as a Head of Business Development at WorldPlus, a media-tech company. My friend told me about the opened position and I was chosen by formal recruiting processes after applying. My main duties here are to answer questions, such as:

  • How can we grow our current business? How can we expand our market? How can we deal with our partners and customers? How should we define our strategy? How can we improve our sales? How can we enhance our current business model?

How do you use your PUMA knowledge in your employment?

Analysing skills, negotiating skills, communication skills are very helpful for me with this position. The PUMA programme gave us extensive knowledge covering economics, policy analysis, and management, plus soft skills. That's why we can work in various industries from tech companies to traditional companies, and from NGOs to international organizations.

Any recommendations for today’s PUMA students?

Everything is in your hands. Please, take your time and enjoy your studies, sharpen your skills. Then you will have plenty of choices. You don't have to worry about unemployment – the only worry you’d be having is how to make the right choice among so many job offers!

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