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Reaching New Heights: 5 Best Hiking Places Near Budapest

Living in Budapest as an international student comes with a lot of perks. Hikes and beautiful views they offer is one of them. The city is basically located on the hills, so going on hikes has become some sort of a routine for its citizens. More than that, Corvinus University even offers hiking as a Physical Education course.

If you don’t want to wait until the start of the next semester to take up hiking, go in the hills with friends on the weekend. We have gathered top-5 hiking places near Budapest, so make sure to check them out before the first snow falls down.

1. Róka-hegy

One of the most popular destinations for hikers. The hill looks like the mini version of the Grand Canyon and offers a spectacular colourful view in the autumn grey. To get there, you will have to hop on the Szentendre HÉV to Csillaghegy, then walk up Ürömi út. Be sure to wear you best hiking boots, as the mountain is full of cavities, rock walls and all of that stuff.

2. Nagy-Kopasz Hill

This hill is the tallest point of Buda uplands. It is 559 metres tall, and the top deck of the lookout tower is 18 metres high, providing an amazing view of Nagykovácsi, Hármashatár Hill, János Hill and beyond. To get there, get to Széna tér near Széll Kálmán tér in Buda, after that hop on a yellow Volánbusz bus 795 or 2840 to where the ten-kilometre Sisakvirág Study Trail leads all the way to Nagykovácsi.

3. Kamaraerdő

Kamaraerdő is one of the largest forests in the whole of Budapest. It has a 4 km nature trail that can lead you to a 224-metre-high Vadász Hill that offers incredible panoramas. It is quite easy to get lost there, so be sure not to go there alone and grab some friends with you. Fresh air, nature around you – what else do you need in these stressful times?

4. Normafa

Normafa is a quite popular places among tourists, it is one of the most attended excursions near Budapest. This location is facilitated with all sorts of things for people: street food, mulled wine, toilets, etc. You can scale Elizabeth Lookout Tower or ride the Chairlift which is a great fun. To get there, take the bus 21/21A from Széll Kálmán tér.

5. Csóványos

Now, this one is a serious hike. Csóványos Hill is the highest point of the Börzsöny hills. This hike will take the whole day, so be prepared to grab some food and water, or hot tea. Also mind the fact that if it rains, the roads become really muddy. To get there, take the train from Budapest to Kismaros, after that you will have to change for the narrow-gauge rail to Királyrét. From there there are several trails to choose from, and everyone will be worth the struggle!

Hiking around Budapest is a nice way to spend your weekends. Be sure to get great shoes and start with short, easy hikes. Once you get a hold of that, aim for higher ones, and don’t be scared to reach new heights!

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  - Janice Maeditere


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