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Tips on finding an appropriate internship – give a start to your career and thrive

If you are an international student in Budapest, you might have already realized how difficult it can be to find an appropriate internship in your field – especially because of language constraints. It is not so much because of companies being unfriendly to foreigners (in fact, most of them would love to welcome diverse, talented graduates), but rather the fact that most contracts and papers at all times are handled in Hungarian only. That occasionally makes hiring international employees harder in some establishments, as it would be difficult for them to handle the administrational part of their work.

Yet, there are hundreds of businesses, corporations, and companies, which do not face this problem and would love to hire someone exactly like you right now. Moreover, you have the special advantage of knowing your native language – maybe even more than that! At places such as Wizz Air, Morgan Stanley and McKinsey & Company, you can easily thrive.

Finding it difficult to find the right internship, or a job in general? Let’s dive into it!

Career Office of Corvinus

Did you know that Corvinus has its own Career Office, which purpose is to provide help to any student which struggles career-wise? That’s right, you can sign up for their newsletter or check their weekly job offer suggestions on our website here. If you have any questions regarding internship or job opportunities, please contact them at In case you struggle mentally as well, for example with your decision on which career path is best for you, you can always turn to our Career Support counselors here.

Apply through job listing websites

You have surely stumbled upon those websites at least once in your life. What if we told you that there are even listing platforms which are solely dedicated to expats in Budapest? It takes applying a few filters on websites like Glassdoor and Jobs in Budapest to find good offers that require a single language – English.

Another good place to look out for opportunities is LinkedIn – so fill your profile in with your most valuable qualities and start connecting!

Ask peers and professors

We have dedicated articles and columns on the importance of networking. And it’s a fact, the right connections can take you miles away from where you are now. Some of your international friends might be already working – ask if their employer is hiring. Some of your professors have their own businesses or would love to get you a workplace in the university as an assistant – just ask. Sometimes, an opportunity is hiding a question away. Don’t be afraid to seek help from trusted people and reliable peers.

Non-profit organizations

If you’d simply want to gather some experience and nothing else works, try your chances at non-profits. They are always seeking volunteers, especially young and ambitious people like you. There might not be a listing for these positions – email them. In fact, not only non-profit organizations, email your dream companies and businesses.

“Seek, and ye. shall find.”

Check out startups

What would be cooler than participating in the shaping of a brand new business? It might not be well-paid or paid at all in the beginning, but start-ups usually have a promising future if the team is determined and hard-working. Research start-ups in Budapest and contact them, most of these newly-established businesses are always in need of help.

Start something of your own

All of us have had ideas about starting a business. Selling hand-made products, developing an app, opening a themed cafeteria or restaurant… The options are so many! If you have spare savings and would like to invest in a promising idea, do it today. It takes bravery to go on your own, trust your gut feeling and try yourself out in the deep – but who said you wouldn’t succeed?

Most importantly – ask, search, be brave and seek opportunities. No person who was reasonably active and kept looking was turned down. You can do it.

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