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Tips on handling hybrid education for students: time management & more

The first official university day is just around the corner and students are awaiting the start of their new semester impatiently. However, this semester is different than any of the semesters before: a hybrid education has been introduced in Corvinus, which means that both online and offline classes will be present in students’ schedules for the next several months. Teachers are making sure that everyone will get the appropriate means to study, as some internationals might not be able to make it with the border restrictions currently in place.

But for those in Budapest the situation might be a bit messed up – how exactly should one proceed with their daily life while juggling between online and offline lessons? How should a student be on his or her laptop at one point and in the classroom some 20 minutes later? In this article we will look at the options and the solutions for a more organized daily routine.

Get to know your classes better

Every minute counts in some cases. That is why it’s the best when you are familiar with the time you have and the way you’ll spend it. Try finding out which classes are online and which are not, what exactly means online and how will the teacher handle the class. For example, will the class be pre-recorded? Can you watch it anytime, anywhere, or is it a real-time online class in which your presence counts? It matters because once you get to know this you will be able to use your time more sufficiently. For example, if you have an online pre-recorded class which is said to be from 9:50 to 11:10 in your Neptun timetable and 20 minutes later you have to pop up at university for an offline seminar at 11:30 it is okay to consider watching the offline class later in the day and use the time to get ready and get to the university, especially if you live far away. Know the details and the requirements in order to handle your schedule better from the very beginning.

Be aware of your timetable

Try to imagine how every day would look like. So you wake up and you have an online class at 8:00 but you have to be in the university for the next lecture? In this case, perhaps the best solution is to go to the university or to a nearby cafeteria, have your online class there and easily reach your offline class on time afterwards (except if you live 5 minutes away for the university, maybe this way you can be home for the first lecture and then proceed with your day). By trying to imagine how every day would look like you will get a realistic idea of how much time you’d need for everything on a daily basis. Be consistent and track your activities. Don’t make up unrealistic scenarios like reaching the university on time for 10 minutes when in reality your journey to Corvinus is approximately half an hour.

Consider your location

So, you live relatively close to Corvinus, yet not close enough to be on time for every offline lecture after an online one. There are plenty of options, so you must consider each and every one of them.

  • Reaching university before your first online lecture, having it somewhere in or around the building and then going to the offline class.

  • Having an offline class and then proceeding to a nearby cafeteria, where you can listen to your online class.

  • Staying at home for your online lectures and travelling quickly for the following offline class (quite possible at lunchtime when the break is 30 minutes).

Home assignments and deadlines

Keep track of your home assignments and deadlines. Perhaps, for some students it will be harder to keep up with all of their duties when they have to go back and forth between different methods of teaching and evaluation (projects, essays, presentations, home assignments etc.), but it is essential that you stay focused during both types of classes, taking notes and paying attention to what is needed from you. A journal or a diary with some major events and deadlines is a good idea as you can easily get lost in the process. University has never been easy, what comes for the hybrid form of it.

How are you planning to cope with the hybrid education? Are you excited or nervous?

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