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Top-5 places at Corvinus University Campus

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

When you are a student, university becomes your home. Here at Corvinus, thanks to our big campus, you can find lots of cosy places for yourself where you will fill most comfortable. We asked our students about their favourite spots in and around the university – read ahead if you want to find out more and get more familiar with Corvinus campus.

1. NapKözi (Resting area)

NapKözi is a community and resting space for students located in the Building E. Basically, it’s a chill zone full of couches, armchairs and tables, so you use it not only to have some rest, but also to hold meetings, workshops, writing sessions, etc. It is opened from Monday to Thursday, 9:00-17:00. NapKözi is a perfect place to spend your breaks in between classes or meet with your friends in chill atmosphere and great environment!

2. Great Hall

Great Hall is one of the most beautiful places on campus. You can find it on the ground floor of Building E. It is a big, spacious hall that is usually used for parties, graduation ceremonies and a variety of other different events. Our students say that Great Hall holds a lot of good memories for them, so they love it dearly, and are always happy to come back there.

3. Water Dispenser

Probably, water dispenser doesn’t come to your mind immediately when you think about different places at the university. However, it can very easily become your favourite one, especially on a hot summer day, when cold water from the dispenser is exactly what you need. You can find them on every floor, always there to help you stay hydrated. Make sure to check it out once you are on campus!

4. Terrace on the 7th floor

Even though students don’t usually go to the higher floors of the Building C, it has a lot of hidden jams that you must check out. For example, a big terrace on the 7th floor. Unfortunately, it is usually not used and is locked, but when it is open, the view from it is spectacular! Sometimes this terrace is used for video shooting and all kinds of content creation because of beautiful it is. Especially now, in spring.

5. Building C buffet

Last, but definitely not least! This academic year, the buffet in Building C got upgraded. Now they serve delicious hot meals every day, and the menu is constantly changing! The lunch starts at 11:30 and finishes 14:00. Be aware that the food is that delicious, you have to be fast enough to get a bite. The lines are long, but it is so worth it.

If you want to see our favourite places in motion and meet the students that recommend them to you – check out our latest TikTok video! See you in Corvinus.

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  - Janice Maeditere


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