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UN EAT competition: get to know more from Eunice, a first year MBA student at Corvinus!

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Eunice Soh Shi Yi and I’m a first year MBA student who is currently doing Year 1 remotely. Coming from Singapore, I’m pursing a higher education in Europe to advance my career options on a greater market. I’m an R&D associate with 5 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry specializing in Antibody Technologies for Biologics Drug Development.

I first heard of the Stipendium Hungaricum in 2019 after receiving a newsletter from NTU (Nanyang Technological University) which I’m an alumna of. In 2020, I submitted my application and I have since had a very fulfilling first year getting to know my classmates at Corvinus. I especially like how diverse we are in nationality within the group and the practical motivations for further pursuits in our career and life.

The thought of staying in Eastern Europe for a year-long education excites me a lot and Hungary is a great place to begin with because it is very similar to Singapore in a way that it is a small, safe and friendly country.

My experience: UN EAT

Joining the UN EAT competition through Corvinus MBA program was such a great pleasure and rewarding experience for me. The best thing was to be able to work with people who were as dedicated to the competition and motivated to deliver impactful discussions and solutions to real world problems. My background is in R&D for Scientific developments for drug discovery. Naturally, I was very delighted to hear about a competition on a food topic in a Business school. The process of preparing the competition to presenting the idea on a global stage exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

It was an intensive two weeks of preparation, brainstorming, research and stimulation right after group formation. Being a novice in the Business aspects and having no exposure to Business case competitions, I was thankful and excited of this opportunity. Despite the pandemic situation, we continued our discussions online with another bachelor team representing Corvinus and also with our Professor who trained and guided us and provide us with many relevant resources.

There were so many takeaways from these two weeks of learning about Business presentation templates, primary data collection from interviews, analysing the problem climate and considering dilemmas from every perspective to implementation of strategic frameworks and results forecasting. A panel of jury was also formed by our Professor as a stimulation and it was incredibly helpful and insightful in improving our thought process where we were taught to view solutions in an interconnected way.

More than feeling competitive between both teams, I genuinely felt we were all focused on creating viable solutions because we are contributing to a great cause by resolving this very challenging and compelling World Hunger and Food Waste issue. The amount of awareness and knowledge sharing that is enabled by this platform through the collaboration between international organizations (UN, EAT Foundation and BI Norwegian Business School) was in my opinion a great initiation and milestone towards creating a more sustainable world.

In ensuring that great ideas are not gone buried, it became even more satisfying when the organizers introduced the Thought For Food (Global TFF) challenge where all participants could seek to actualize their idea by assessing this network of Ideation and Entrepreneurship resource, industry experts and community gaining a chance to be trained and advance at the TFF academy. Overall, it was a refreshing and memorable experience which I would certainly recommend everyone.

About my time at Corvinus

It has been a challenging year of remote distance learning for the 1st year of studies in Corvinus MBA program. But I’m very grateful that I made the right choice in enrolling for Corvinus University of Budapest under Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. Corvinus University has an excellent reputation for its Business and Economic education and I was further ascertained of this fact by the quality of teaching and the vast experience of the Professors. The portfolios of the Professors are highly experienced with industry backgrounds and had mostly worked internationally. We were therefore able to gain and combine useful discussions on perspectives that we had respectively encounter in our work experiences and moving forward creating greater value for our career post-MBA.

I was very impressed and thankful that Corvinus University has a very resilient, structured and well executed emergency continuity plan. The online system was smoothly transited and curriculums were able to function as usual and all within the time-frame of the semester. Some of our modules was also pre-recorded which makes it a lot easier for our understanding before the seminar sessions. The online examination platform was also launched successfully with few technical issues.

The patience, dedications and efforts of the Professors had to be applauded, it was a distressing situation to do long hours of virtual teaching but they were professional and seeking to engage the students at all times. The openness to constructive feedbacks by the Professors and thereby enacting changes in class teachings are certainly encouraging.

The amount of networking opportunities and international events brought forward by the school also made me felt that I was in a University that is well-connected with an international network. I have to say that the Hungarian Language school really surprised me with the amount and depth of online resources they have built and developed a very comprehensive and fun learning immersion studies in Hungarian and in Budapest. I’m therefore very confident of my decision for continuing my higher education in Corvinus University of Budapest.

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  - Janice Maeditere


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