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Unique Budapest activities: Budapest summer bucket list VOL.1

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Exams are over pretty soon – and with that, our desire for vitamin D, parties and lazy days increase. We bet you can’t wait to be done with whatever’s on your shoulders right now, be it your thesis, your final semester projects, upcoming tests… and the list goes on. The point? That final summer bliss awaiting at the corner of June, the one that every Corvinus student is dreaming of. Weather is getting better and better day after day, and a city full of freedom and activities is at your disposal once you step out of your accommodation’s doorstep. We know that at this point you must be like a Budapest “local”, so we have prepared something spicy for you, something not to miss out on! Tired of the usual bars and cafeterias, the same picnic spots and regular walks? Let’s dive into the best (unique) things to do in Budapest during your summer break - volume one.

1. Flipper Museum night – play or get played

A good game night is undoubtedly a great activity, but why not doing it the old-school way? There is a place in Budapest that can gift you a great night (and day) game experience like no other – the Flipper Museum at Radnóti Miklós utca. The pinballs whiz like they’ve never had a pause! Don’t get mistaken by the name – this museum is full of completely playable pinball machines, which look like brand new.

The pinball paradise is situated in a basement of a downtown apartment building in the capital, atmospheric and mood-setting on its own. The museum itself is crammed with rows of pinball machines, all in functioning shape, some of which more than 50 years old!

Purchasing a ticket allows guests to play all the games available on the grounds of the museum, for as long as they’d like. A regular daily ticket is 3.500 HUF, but for individuals under 26 years of age (which you are likely to be!) there is a discount which lowers the price to 2.500 HUF. A full-day activity packed with fun.

Find more about the museum HERE.

2. Ride a train run by children - Gyermekvasút

We swear no forced child labor is involved in this activity (or at least not that we are aware of…) – ride a train completely run by children. Jokes aside, the talented children at Gyermekvasút will be of your service for the entire trip, operating throughout the journey. Currently the line is the world’s largest child’s railway, holding a Guinness World Record.

Image via MÁV Zrt. All rights reserved to MÁV Zrt.

Line map. Image via MÁV Zrt. All rights reserved to MÁV Zrt.

The attraction features ticket offices, diesel locomotives, signals, switches, and a timetable, much like any other railway. The route goes from Széchenyihegy to Hűvösvölgy across the Buda hills, traversing the Cogwheel Railway and connecting Normafa as well as Budapest's highest point, Jánoshegy. The viewing towers, forest grounds, pilgrimage sites, and other attractions are near to the stations, making the Children's Railway a great starting point for a half-day journey. One-way journey lasts about 45 minutes, however, you can purchase a two-way ticket. Single ticket is 800 HUF, two-way ticket is 1.400 HUF – sadly, no student discounts are available and you can only pay by cash. Learn more about the timetable of the trains HERE. Beside this text, you can find a map of the Gyermekvasút line (click to expand).

3. See the night sky with the Hungarian Astronomical Association

Quite romantic, won’t lie – but even if you still haven’t found your SO in Budapest it is lovely to enjoy the sky in HD, isn’t it? The Hungarian Astronomical Association (HAA) at Laborc u. offers night observations three times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from dusk till 22:00 for the humble price of 1.000 HUF per person. It is an easily accessible place allowing you to dive into a beautiful experience, as long as the weather forecast allows it. Make sure that the night you choose to visit the Hungarian Astronomical Association won’t be cloudy to ensure a top experience. Visit their webpage for more details.

4. Visit the “For Sale” pub

ATTENTION: pub is NOT for sale. No matter your student allowance, “For Sale” is not on the market. The peculiar décor of the place attracts people from Budapest and beyond. Good drinks and tasty meals are just part of the experience - small bits of paper stapled and pinned for years by customers wishing to commemorate their passing cover nearly every inch of almost every surface of the place. Images, cards, notes, drawings, sketches… and much more can be found on the walls. And the floor? Can’t pass for being “regular” either: it is covered in straws. Make sure to pay a visit to the place at least once during your stay in Budapest!

Image via "For Sale" pub. All rights reserved to "For Sale" pub.

Not enough? Stay tuned to see volume two, where four more unique Budapest places and activities will be revealed!

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