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Welcome to IDSA: get ready to unleash your potential

International Diplomatic Student Association (IDSA) is a Budapest based English speaking student organization for university students. During its seven years in action, IDSA had granted many great events, useful skills, both professional and social opportunities.

Our professional program has an emphasis on Model United Nations, Soft Skill Trainings while encouraging our members to find their own interests and complement their academic studies with real experience. In the following lines you can read some stories from the community members of IDSA about their favorite memories and the benefits of being part of the association.

Kálmán Gyécsek, the editor-in-chief of the renewed Foreign Affairs Bulletin by IDSA said:

“The most important thing that IDSA taught me was to never sell yourself short. My first semester I came in rather blind, what I saw was a tight-knit student community; characterized by hard-work, professionalism, and inspiration. The presidency was intimidating. The middle managers and overall makeup of the organization was daunting. After my first social, however, all prior assumptions and worries vanished. What a community such as IDSA teaches all of its members is that nothing is impossible especially when you’re not alone. Current members or alumni, no one is afraid to help their fellow colleague.

Whatever you do, wherever you go your team at IDSA will never hesitate to help you grow, build, and achieve your goals and for that reason I will be forever grateful.

Richard Benussi’s, Vice-President for Human Resources, main reasons why he like to be the prat of the organization:

“I was looking for an organization that was related to my major, International Relations, and that was focused on diplomacy. Although Corvinus University of Budapest has many student organizations related to this topic, International Diplomatic Students Association was the only that was available for both Hungarian and foreign students as the working language is exclusively English.

I was extremely happy to join and be a part of this professional organization. Within IDSA, one can develop their professional skills such as public speaking and debating; members can also learn more about UN related issues, international relations, and diplomacy from experts in their respective field.

There are many great things about IDSA, but one of the main things that I like the most is the sense of family within the organization and among its members.

We always maintain a high level of professionality in whatever tasks we complete, and we always give our best because we know that the other members of the organization are counting on us. I have had the privilege of being a member for the past two years and I have greatly developed my professional skills and international relations knowledge.”

(Turkish Embassy visit of IDSA)

Kambar Orazbekov, current Vice-President for Foreign Affairs explained what IDSA gave to him this past year:

„Well, as it is the case in just about every endeavor, the more you sow, the more you will reap. If you only have a bit of time here and there, and you just want to gain access to a like-minded community, maybe to visit an event or two, the benefit that you receive will be precisely that - some information on the various international issues, some debating skills, and connections with a number of people with interest in international relations. But if you are willing to put in some work yourself, I’d like to inform you that IDSA is an organization with a flexible structure and enthusiastic, open leadership. I came into CUB and into IDSA as a freshman last year, and I am heading the FA department of this organization a year later.

I get to interact with UN officials, various embassies’ representatives, prominent entrepreneurs, and with troves of talented youth with dazzlingly-bright futures.

I feel like if you have a plan and determination in you, IDSA can become so much more than just be a pretty line in your CV.”

Anna Pasko, now coordinator in our professional branch shared her favorite memories:

“I remember having an in-person interview in the 2018/19 academic year. That was a moment when I realized that the International Diplomatic Student Association is a perfect fit for me. In my current MUN Coordinator position I have a similar feeling of belonging and realization that I am doing a right thing.

In my three years with IDSA I discovered love for Model United Nations, had an opportunity to be a delegate in different chambers, a public relations assistant for Munapest, and blended in with a community of proactive people.

(US Embassy visit of IDSA)

I am thankful to my mentor, who was committed to drive me to my dorm in the other part of the city to help me prepare for my first official Model UN in the Czech Republic. It was a heart-warming experience for which I am thankful. I am also beyond thankful to one alumni member, who made my transition from the dormitory life to the adult renting life as smooth as possible by letting me into her flat.

I have been a part of IDSA for more than two years now. I have never regretted it since the day I have joined.

Besides our own events, which include courses, workshops, talks with UN professionals and lecturers, we organize regular embassy visits on a professional note. To keep our community engaged we have a sparkling social life and wide range of event palette: from board game nights, through online events to pub crawls, and picnics. Be part of an ever-growing, multicultural community!

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