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Your first internship! Tips on how to get practical experience while in college

Updated: Jul 4

Being a university student is great – you are learning important subjects, gaining knowledge that will be helpful in your future work. However, this is not it! In order to succeed in your career you might want to start early and the best option for that is an internship!

Before you start even looking into the opportunities – get ready for rejections! There will be many of them and that is totally normal. Remember that the internship search is not easy for everyone and there is not a single student who does not struggle with rejections. Get full of motivation and do not let the rejection letters change your mood.

Here are some tips oh to be successful in your internship search:

1.     Start early! Begin your search well in advance of when you hope to start your internship. Many companies have application deadlines months before the internship start date.

2.     Identify your goals. Determine what you want to achieve from the internship. Consider the industry, type of work, skills you want to learn, and companies you're interested in.

3.    Create a strong resume and cover letter. Tailor your resume and cover letter for each application, highlighting relevant skills and experiences. Ensure your documents are free of errors and formatted professionally.

4.     Improve your network. Use connections such as family, friends, professors, and alumni. Networking can often open doors to opportunities not advertised publicly. Attend career fairs, industry conferences, and networking events to meet potential employers.

5.     Use online resources. Use job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and specialized internship websites (e.g., Join professional groups and forums related to your field of interest.

6.     Apply to multiple opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to one or two applications. The more you apply, the better your chances of landing an internship.

7.     Prepare for interviews. Research the company and understand the role you’re applying for. Practice common interview questions and prepare questions to ask the interviewer. Be ready to discuss your experiences, skills, and why you’re interested in the internship.


Using these tips you will maximize your chances of securing an internship. Good luck and have a rewarding internship!

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