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How to Create a Routine When Living With a Roommate

School year has finally started. For a lot of new students, it meant moving from the comfort of their home to a dormitory, and having a roommate, sometimes even more than one. Sharing a room with somebody can be a difficult experience, but don’t worry, we have been there, and we can help you.

Here are some tips that will make your new home living routine as stress-less as possible.

1. Don’t be afraid to communicate

Meeting a person for the first time in your life and having to live with them is a weird thing, for sure. Here, just like in everything, communication is key. Get to know each other, ask questions, find some similarities between the two of you. It doesn’t mean you have to become BFFs from day 1, maybe, you won’t even go further than just a simple get-to-know dinner together, and that’s alright too. Just make sure to show some curiosity towards them and if they reply with the same curiosity towards you, you can start a good friendship. Which is, by the way, an important thing in college.

2. Discuss shared responsibilities

Setting up a routine is not an easy thing. Don’t be shy to start a conversation about household responsibilities, what you can and can’t do, what you like and don’t like. It is crucial to set some sort of boundaries at the beginning of your way, so you can avoid arguments in the future. Two different people coming to live together can create clashes and misunderstanding, but, if we go back to the tip #1, communication and talking will help you make things clear. Both of you have your own habits, but don’t worry, you can make it work!

3. Give each other space

Personal space seems to be one of the biggest issues when living with a roommate. Especially, if one of you is an extrovert, and the other one is an introvert. If you feel like you don’t have enough space, or you need some time on your own, talk to your roommate and try solving the problem. Maybe, they feel the same, but just are not speaking up. There is nothing wrong with talking about the things you find uncomfortable and changing them up. How you feel about your personal space affects your mental health, so always pay closer attention to that.

4. Talk about food smells

Now, this is something from the writer’s personal experience. Discuss if both of you agree to cook/microwave and eat in the room, and no one has a problem with that. Especially, if we are talking about a small dormitory room. Strong food smells can be annoying, and in some cases, even cause headaches. Usually dormitories have cafeterias, so, talk about the possibility of eating there, if the smells appear to be a problem. Back in the days, I thought it was too much to ask, but actually it is simply showing the respect for each other and the effort to make things work.

5. Be friendly. And patient.

Spread good vibes. Make sure you don’t have any hidden problems with your roommate, it never ends well. It is home for you just as much as it is home for them. Respect that. Always talk about any issues you might encounter, and don’t think that you are obliged to be best friends with your roommate. It is great if you are, but if it doesn’t work for you this way, it is alright too. Be patient and speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

Living with a roommate is a part of a college experience for most of the students. While it can be challenging, it also can be full of great memories and moments. With these tips, you will make the most of it, trust us. Even if with some minor inconveniences on the way!

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