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Happy Birthday, Budapest! 5 Reasons to Love This City Even More

The 17th of November marks 149 years since three neighbouring cities around Danube – Pest, Buda and Óbuda got merged together to create a beautiful capital of Hungary we now call Budapest. For millions of people this city is much more than a place of living, it’s a home that they love so much. More than that, for international students Budapest has become a dream destination, a place to start a new chapter with no fear or doubt.

What makes Budapest so lovable? Why do we want to come back each time we leave? For the city’s birthday we have prepared 5 reasons to love Budapest with all our hearts. And, trust us, this is only the start of the list!

1. It’s easy to get around the city

Well, not at first, of course. The more you live here, the more you understand how easy the public transport system is. When it’s not being renovated in the most uncomfortable places. Trams, metro, buses, and night buses – Budapest transport will get you from one part of the city to another one as quick as possible. You will be accompanied by the beautiful views of the Hungarian capital – what else can you dream about? And it is not that expensive, too.

2. It is truly a capital of culture

Budapest is filled with art. It doesn’t matter if the Sun is shining or rain is falling down – you will always find exhibitions, concerts, jazz jams, poetry readings and all other cultural things. Many of them will even be free, which breaks all the borders on your way to art. Budapest is considered a cultural capital of Europe for a reason, and it really is a perfect place for artsy people to express themselves – that’s why we love it so much!

3. Infinite walks by the Danube

The city is located on the river, and there are no words to describe how grateful we are for that. You never have to look for a good walking place, because the whole river back is basically enough. Every bridge in the city centre offers its unique view of Budapest, so make sure to see them all! Longs walks by the water are good for both, physical and mental health, and it’s just a beautiful experience in general, which makes us adore Budapest even more.

4. Parties never end here

2 am gyros, long queues to the bars that are filled with friends, and love, and happiness – Budapest is like that, and we love it! Parties are never-ending, and you can always find your place wherever you are. Being here as students, it adds to the experience, gives us the best memories, and makes our youth the one to remember. Of course, it is important to party responsibly. Being able to do it in Budapest is one more reason to love that place.

5. It is home. Away from home.

Over the years Budapest has become a second home for thousands of international students. We build our lives here, find friends, break, and heal our hearts. Every street of this city is filled with memories, and we can’t wait to create more of them in the future. For a lot of reasons, Budapest is so easy to love, and we do that with pleasure. As time goes by, we get to know the city better, and then one day we realize that we know the public transport system, the curves of the streets, and everything in between. This is when this place becomes a home.

And the list can go on and on… There are so much more reasons to love this place.

Happy Birthday, our Budapest! Thank you for welcoming us!

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